Wireless G question?

i have a question about wireless network. i dont know much about networking area, so not taking any chances i played it safe and got the wireless g network hub with a wireless g card for my other desktop in my house. A wireless G says it goes to 54 mbps and a wireless b says 11mbps. now my dsl connection only says 10 mbps(the 2 little screens on the bottom right with you mouse over it says speed: 10mbps).
So i guess my question is did i make the wrong decision on buying the wirelss G when i dont even need the 54 mbps or does the 54mbps mean something else. can you networking guys and girls make this any easier on me.
thanks in advance
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Fatal_ExceptionSystems EngineerCommented:
yes...  you made the right move..   The 10 mbps is the throughput of the NIC to the DSL router.  This is hardcoded and cannot be changed.  Internally, you want all the speed you can get, but remember that just because it says it is 54 Mb/s, it will probably be more like 15-20 depending on other devices in the network.  Take into consideration a 100 Mb/s NIC and network...   You will never see true throughput of this magnitude..  Lots of things come into play here that reduce that...

pippothegreatAuthor Commented:
are you talking about a connection in an office or a home, because im just connecting this to my house only 2 computers.
Fatal_ExceptionSystems EngineerCommented:
You can use G for either.   This is my take on technology...  Once a specific platform is developed and proven (G) why not make use of it.  Most G devices are backward compatible with b anyway (not sure about yours, but I wouldn't be surprised).  

Whether G is worth the effort in development, there are many differing views..  for instance, here is a link to a discussion on this...  (this article is almost 2 years old, and from what I can see, G has been a success)


Personally, I have clients that have tried 802.11b and were not entirely happy with the results.  When we replaced it with G, they found that everything started working to their satisfaction.  
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pippothegreatAuthor Commented:
i heard of the extreme G that goes up to 108 mbps. now for linksys you have to pay extra for this and it seems with D-link its a free download. is that possible?
Fatal_ExceptionSystems EngineerCommented:
Yes...   but remember that this is not your overall throughput...  I actually read an interesting article about this last night at home..  If I can find it tonight after work, I will come back and post it.  
Fatal_ExceptionSystems EngineerCommented:
Ok..  I cannot find the article, but just thought I would post this observation..  the Extreme G has nothing to do with the actual hardware (from what I can see) but is a reflection of the firmware installed..   So, yes, it is possible, since firmware is just software..  I also do not know about the free part, but it should not be hard to find out from the Dlink site..


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pippothegreatAuthor Commented:
thanks you answered everything i needed to know ;)
Fatal_ExceptionSystems EngineerCommented:
You are welcome..

and thank you


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