Explanation required on SETUP and DEPLOYMENT ERRORS

I've written and completed my very first application using VB6.0  as front-end and XPAccess as back-end Dbase. I used ADO technology for the Dbase access and manipulation and also DBGrid for viewing of query results.

The application will need to be installed on 6 client PC's. I've used the package and deployment wizard to create an installation package. Now when installing on the first client PC, I encounted the following errors;

1. VB 6.0 setup Toolkit:Setup1.exe - ordinal NOT found " The ordinal 17 could not be located in the dynamic link library MAPI32.dll.

2. An error occured while registering the file 'C:\windows\system32\MSEXCH35.dll'

3. An error ossured while registering the file 'C:\windows\system32\MSADO20.tlb'

What do the errors mean and how do I go about correcting/fixing them?
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First try to solve the third problem. Possible that all your problems are solved then.
3) When installing VB progs on win2000 i'm getting :
"Error While Error While registering MSADO21.tlb"

--> The only way you can fix it is to distribute and run MDAC_TYP.EXE manually before your setup and ignore the error while the setup is running.
more info on data access components here

Otherwise it's possible you have to do install dcom98 also
1-2) Try to install DCOM98.exe (a sure requirement of ADO).
1 and 2 points to the fact that you are using Microsoft Outlook library. In case yes then you can't distribute Microsoft Office files and the user need to have them installed on theirmachines.

3. as Dhaest points correctly, is due to MDAC not being on the client machine. Install MDAC 2.7 Refresh or 2.8 from Microsoft's site and it will solve the problem.
If you are using the VB 6.0 deployment wizard do not use it on WIndows XP. You will run into problems.

I keep a machine here with Windows 98 and VB 6.0 for doing my packaging.
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DVEAPIAuthor Commented:
But I'm using a Windows XP machine for my development work and packaging. What other problems are yu exactly referring to?
Just the kind of errors you having.

OCXs and dlls not registering.

In fact it was a chore to go back and dig out the installed files on XP.

I didn't go any further investigating why the files would not install using the XP install as I had windows 98 another computer so I keep it just for VB 60 and deploying.

I don't know of anyone who actually got the deployment to work using XP and I can't say why it won't work.
DVEAPIAuthor Commented:
Thanks to you all for your contributions towards my problems. I've eventually got my application installed successfully on 1 client machine which is also a XP machine. How? I downloaded the updated MDAC file from Microsoft site as adviced, installed it on my PC, LAN and the client PC. Deleted the old package from my PC, created another executable file, and rerun the package wizard for a new installable package. Went to the client PC, uninstalled the first application and reinstalled and guess what?. It worked. But I made sure to download the new executable file as well that got it working from my PC to the Client PC over the LAN.

Thanks again. This is a great site.
DVEAPIAuthor Commented:
A very big thankyou to the helpful suggestions. Those were greatly appreciated.
It has now opened up my understanding of what to look out for in similar situations in future.

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