Attachment handling

How does attachment handling work on Web? In a workflow a document will go through many levels of approvals/rejections. In each round a document or two may be added. What should be the approach?
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small_doubtsAuthor Commented:
Pardon the points. I will add more later.
u can attach as normal attachments as we do in Notes or u can provide a link to those attachments with yopur own test and with the file name and hide attachments.
small_doubtsAuthor Commented:
Sorry if my question is not clear. Actually I want to know how do I implement attachment adding/removal capability in my website.
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Just add the embedded element "File upload control" to your form. The rest is don automatically!
Unfortunately, if a single user needs to upload 2 attachments, you'll need to provide 2 upload controls.
small_doubtsAuthor Commented:
Thanks CRAK :) for your help again. I have been able to get started with this. But probably for a bigger problem now. All the attachments are displayed at the bottom of the document. I either do not want to display them at all while editing or may be I need to display the attachment only when it was added by the current user. But I think this should be a different question. So may be I can return later with a bigger question and more points :) I will accpet your answer.
small_doubtsAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your tip madheeswar.
create $V2AttachmentOptions field and the default value is zero("0")

this will hide all the attachments.
small_doubtsAuthor Commented:
Wow. This is nice. They are all gone. Now what I can do is, get the user names and generate links to selected attachments manually. Thanks madheeswar.

I will close this question in a few days. Please give me some time. Thank you both for your help.
Hey small_doubts

Just create a field by name $V2AttachmentOptions
and make that default value as "0". This will make sure that the attachments are not visible. Create a computed text and put this formula into that...

@If(!@Attachments; @Return(""); "");
@Implode("<a href=\"" + @Text(@DocumentUniqueID) + "/$file/" + @AttachmentNames + "\">"+@AttachmentNames + "</a>"; "<br>")

and to delete the attachments instead of the above formula u can use this:

@If(!@Attachments; @Return(""); "");
"<p>Remove attachments here:<br>" +
@Implode("<input type=\"checkbox\" name=\"%%Detach\" value=\""+@AttachmentNames+"\">"+@AttachmentNames; "<br>");
"<p>View attachments here:<br>" +
@Implode("<a href=\"" + @Text(@DocumentUniqueID) + "/$file/" + @AttachmentNames + "\">"+@AttachmentNames + "</a>"; "<br>"))

(this is from codestore)


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small_doubtsAuthor Commented:
Thanks p_partha. That looks good. I will try it :)
small_doubtsAuthor Commented:
Thanks again guys!
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