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Upgrade Celeron in Gateway Solo 1150CL Laptop?

I'm considering upgrading the proc on an old laptop, a Gateway Solo 1150CL. I've already upgraded it quite a bit: the RAM is at max, HDD is 5400rpm, OS is W2K-Pro, new keyboard  & the wireless "G" card is great.
It came with a Celeron Mobile 550 MHz but I've seen some cheapish eBay procs at 800MHz  (micro-PGA2) ,  
Like these ones:

I don't want to disassemble the sucker only to find the proc is soldered in or otherwise inaccessible.
Don't want to find the new proc isn't  supported by the chipset (i82443MX) etc.
Can you tell from this excerpt off a Gateway support page whether it's in a socket or hardwired?
Could you help advise me whether this is a dumb project or not?
(Gateway Support is otherwise worthless on ths question)

THanks, Maggs
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Excerpt from Gway support site:

Processor packaging:      Intel Micro-BGA2 connector
Processors:      ((Solo 1150CL)    3500866, 3500867 – Intel Mobile Celeron at 550 MHz
                            3500967, 3500968 – Intel Mobile Celeron at 650 MHz
                           3501047(TFT), 3501051(HPA) – Intel Mobile Celeron at 700 MHz.
[ 700 MHz was highest speed proc offered at that time (11/'00) ]



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1 Solution
normaly laptops cant have their processors upgraded, with the exception of some high end models such as alienware area51 and some dells. I am not familiar with your model and so i cant give you specific advice about it, but i suspect that it will not be possible. sorry dude
I can't say that it will not be possible.  However, you probably will not be gaining to much, but if you can get a processor for 20 then that is not to bad.  

It looks like it would support up to a 700mhz.  It might be able to support higher with a bios upgrade if there would be one availiable, which I would bet there is not.  

To truely tell what the computer can support you need to know the motherboard model.  You can use this free program.

then either go to the motherboard manufacturers website and see or post the motherboard here.

Maggot061998Author Commented:
Hey, a pretty cool utility, that!
THe text report is nearly 100KB, so I chopped out a couple of pieces that I hope will be revealing enough -tho it does look like the mobo is a "Gateway Special".
But does this help?
      CPU Type                                          Mobile Intel Celeron II, 550 MHz (5.5 x 100)
      Motherboard Name                                  Gateway Solo 1150
      Motherboard Chipset                               Intel Banister 82440MX
      System Memory                                     192 MB  (SDRAM)
      BIOS Type                                         Phoenix (10/17/00)
IOS Properties:
      Vendor                                            Gateway
      Version                                           21.00
      Release Date                                      10/17/0099
      Size                                              512 KB
      Boot Devices                                      Floppy Disk, Hard Disk, CD-ROM
      Capabilities                                      Flash BIOS, Shadow BIOS, Selectable Boot, BBS, Smart Battery
      Supported Standards                               DMI, APM, ACPI, PnP
      Expansion Capabilities                            ISA, PCI, PCMCIA, USB
Processor Properties:
      Manufacturer                                      GenuineIntel
      Version                                           Pentium(R) III
      External Clock                                    100 MHz
      Maximum Clock                                     600 MHz
      Current Clock                                     550 MHz
      Type                                              Central Processor
      Voltage                                           1.6 V
      Status                                            Enabled
      Upgrade                                           ZIF
      Socket Designation                                OnBoard uBGA2

PU Properties:
      CPU Type                                          Mobile Intel Celeron II, 550 MHz (5.5 x 100)
      CPU Alias                                         Celeron III, Coppermine Lite, Coppermine-128
      Original Clock                                    550 MHz
      L1 Code Cache                                     16 KB
      L1 Data Cache                                     16 KB
      L2 Cache                                          128 KB (On-Die, ATC, Full-Speed)
Motherboard Properties:
      Motherboard ID                                    <DMI>
      Motherboard Name                                  Gateway Solo 1150

    Front Side Bus Properties:
      Bus Type                                          Intel GTL+
      Bus Width                                         64-bit
      Real Clock                                        100 MHz
      Effective Clock                                   100 MHz
      Bandwidth                                         800 MB/s
etc etc
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I can't find anything to say how high you can go.  Everything depends on the bios version and the motherboard.  I know that the 440MX chipset could handle CPUs up to 1.2 or 1 ghz i don't remember.  This is the chipset that yours is based off of.   As you have said the highest speed that your computer series had was 700mhz.  I don't know if it could go any higher then that or not.  It could it could not.  However, since that was the highest that your series went up to I think it would be safe to say that it would handle a 700mhz processor.  I don't know about anything higher though, you could always try and see if it would handle a 800 or 900 mhz.  If it did great, if not just sell it.  

There is a bios update for your computer that was dated in 2001.   If you decided to upgrade you should flash your bios.

No sure thing here.
Maggot061998Author Commented:
Thanks- I am planning to upflash the BIOS.
But my primary question remains  whether the proc is in a socket or hardwired in.

To clarify, my first post included GW's spec that,
 "...Processor packaging:     Intel Micro-BGA2 connector...."
Now, I know that PGA is PinGroupArray and I recall reading 6 mo ago how recent fab advances put VGA card RAM on PCB using BGA solder techniques.

 I'd like to know if Gateway's  use of "BGA" in that 11/2000 spec sheet meant (as I fear) that the proc was soldered, not socketed.

Is that why they didn't say PGA or PPGA ?
>>But my primary question remains  whether the proc is in a socket or hardwired in.
it should be a socket, but I won't say for sure.  Sorry

I take it that your laptop is hard to take a part.  Once you get the top off and the keyboard off you should be able to tell whether or not it is a socket or soldiered in or not.
Maggot061998Author Commented:
Oh fer crissakes. THis is what happens to you at 52 years.

When I took the damn keyboard out to replace it, the HSF fell in my lap and I had to re-arcrtic silver it. Jeez I MUST have had the proc socket right in front of me.

Well I'll open her up this weekend to post the rueful conclusion to this pathetic thread.
Fer crissakes, I'm still 52 years, 2 short of any excuse.
>>Jeez I MUST have had the proc socket right in front of me
lol, yes you did.
Maggot061998Author Commented:
Well,  I regret very much to report that I have found that the Solo 1150CL proc is hardwired into its mobo with no
intervening plastic socket at all:  this Celeron can not be removed nor replaced without replacing the entire mobo.

This qualifies as a most heinous design flaw. The Gateweenies may have saved some $1-2 on their fab fees by skipping a socket, but to make an electronics product which is not upgradeable by the owner shows a contempt for the common man's intelligence.
**** you, Gateway.

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