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Stubborn folders refuse to go !!

Hello everyone, here's the problem i'm facing. I have this this folder (i.e lets call this folder X) with two subdirectory folders (i.e. Y & Z) that resists all efforts to be deleted. Whenever i try to delete this folder tree, an error occurs and it says "Cannot delete Z : cannot find the specific file. Make sure you have specified the correct path and file name."

I'm running Windows xp (using fat32), and i 've tried runnnig into safe mode, dos mode (all with admistrator privelleges) to remove these folder, but they just won't go. Any help to resolve this is very much appreciated, thanks alot for the time :p
1 Solution
Did the folders get into you system via spyware? If they did I suggest you download a copy of  'SPYBOT' and 'Adaware' run it. Hope this help..
heres a prgram from the inventors of peer guardian that say it will delete any file

try other programs that will delete stubborn files....

also note that this questions has been asked before the original ower of the thread mentioned
below never wrote back that he found a answer but others have tried to help him and
left some valuable information that may help you searching for the answer , please
take the time to read the info


hi lovepeacexxx,

i think u should format your PC already since the folder cannot be deleted. sometime this problem cause by installing game or software and the files already currupted. it wont be deleted and sometime also cause the file name had been rename and the file type change so the PC wont be able to find the file anymore.
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Hi what you can try is the following.

You can not delete the folder because you are not the owner. So do the following.
Ether logon as the user that created the folders or login as administrator and take over the ownership for the folder.
Then you are able to delete them
It's done by right click -> properties -> security -> advanced -> ownership
If all of the above fails, and the folder is pretty deep in your folder hierchy (i.e.  c:\documents and settings\user name\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files\)  and the file is very long, you might be running into an issue where your file path is past the 255 characters.  try, moving the folder a couple of levels up either within IE (tools-internet options-settings-move folder) or find the file that is too long and rename it to something much shorter.

hope this helps.  But it may be way off base.  Good luck
lovepeacexxxAuthor Commented:
Okay, here's an update on the situation:

1.) nop, the folder didn't come with spyware, it's just a stubborn ole' dame that refusues to go.
2.) magus123: i've tired that wonder program, but it failed to femove the folder either.
                    : also i followed the link you gave me but i see that the author never did reply with
                      the final solution. I tired some of the methods mentioned there, such as running
                      chkdsk, etc but to no avail either.
3.) titan203: format my pc ? come on....don't you think that's a bit harsh ?
4.) L0n3W0lf: as i've written i'm running fat32, not ntfs, this doesn't work.
5.) Miahmichno: the folder just refuses to budge, any attempt to do so results in, "Cannot delete  
                        Z : cannot find the specific file. Make sure you have specified the correct path
                        and file name."
lovepeacexxxAuthor Commented:
oh, i finally resolved this problem, abid with some guidance. (somehow i repeated this question over at Home>All Topics>Operating Systems>XP), but over there LucF provided me with a great solution.

How to Remove Files with Reserved Names in Windows

I thank him as well as everyone over here who has tired to help me.
The problem is solved now =p
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