Determining if a user has selected text in Microsoft Outlook

Is there a way to determine programmatically if a user has selected text in an Outlook message (i.e. email)?

I need to copy the text from an Outlook message (email).  Using the "SendKeys" command for "Select All" and "Copy", I can capture ALL text.  But if the user has selected or highlighted just part of the message, I only want to copy that portion.  If I can determine first if there is selected text, then I could omit the "Select All" command and only use the "Copy" command.  

Is there something, which can be checked using VB, that indicates if the user has selected part of the text?
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Hi TSClark251,
You could copy regardless, and check whether anything was copied to the clipboard with:
if trim(clipboard.GetText) = "" then
(select all and copy)
End If

Regards .. Alan
Isn't this question in a wrong TA!?!?! Its a VB question!!!

It is very very possible, but involves a lot of API calls. Are you ready to get into that? Okay, let me brief you on how to go about it.

1) Firstly you have to detemine whether such a window is open or not. Use FindWindow API call for the same. To use this call you will also need to know the window class of the window. You will have to use a tool like SPY++ to do the same. Or alternatively, you may find on the basis of the Window Title. If the call suceeds, it will return you the handle to the window, else the handle would be NULL.
2) If you successfully find the window, go ahead and find the control containing the message text. The approach would be similar to finding the main window.
3) Once you have the handle to the window instance containing the message text, you can easily get its selectedText property.

You see, this is possible, but requires some work.

Good luck!

~ Ranjeet Rain

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Please ignore my first comment!
TSClark251Author Commented:

What an absolutely elegant solution.  I never considered a straightforward approach like this.  This not only works with Outlook, but also with any text window that permits Copy and Paste functions.
This is the actual code I ended up using:

     'Copy User-Selected Text to the clipboard    
     SendKeys "^c", True                        
     'Check for presence of User-Selected Text    
     If Trim(Clipboard.GetText) = "" Then  
           'If none exists, then copy the entire document
           SendKeys "^a", True
           SendKeys "^c", True
     End If

Respectfully, T.C.
TSClark251Author Commented:

Thanks for your input.   Fortunately I don't need to delve into API calls just yet...

r/ T.C.
Elegant Eh? .. Very Gracious of you .. Thanks

.. Alan
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