Forward value to Rapport

I have a query that asks for two dates and then it chooses some fields from a table and opens a rapport.
In this rapport as a header i wanna have those two dates that you put in to the query, how is this possible?

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p_sieConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If it is a VB project then

In the header of the report add a field with the caption '%i' (percent + i)

Call somewhere in the code:
dtReport.Title = "Dates " & date1 & " and" & date2
dtReport.Show 1

Where dtReport is the name of the report in code!
Is this a VB datareport?
illionAuthor Commented:
Ohh im sorry, im working in Microsoft Access, so i guess its a  VB report.
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I am still not sure what kind of report it is, is this an access report or a report that you add in a VB project (NOT VBA)?
illionAuthor Commented:
Its a report in Microsoft Access, i havent written any code, its all just point and click. Access Report.
Access I don't know, sorry
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