Fatal Exception Error

Compaq Presairo 5834 Win 98 SE, freshly installed (twice), memory has been checked and switched out (twice), each time I click on anything to do with the modem i receive  a fatal exception 06 has occurred at 0028:d17cbc60 in vxd win95ac.  I've swapped out the modem and put in differents one but still receive this error.  I've checked the bios and the only options for the IRQ's are 3, 5, and 11.  I've changed the configurations for the modem and still receive the same error.
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Asta CuTechnical consultant & graphic designCommented:
Bad modem?

OE: Page fault occurred at 028:DCDC2FF5 in VXD Win95ac.
The memory address may vary.
This behavior may occur if either of the following is true:
The system modem is using outdated drivers.
The system modem is damaged.

Off to work, good luck.
I don't think this will make a difference, but it's worth a try.  Go into the bios and disable the COM ports. (Assuming you have an internal modem)  It could just be a conflicting IRQ, and this may just fix it.

Good luck!
rdavidcAuthor Commented:
I would however, there is no way to disable the comm ports in the bios.  That is not an option with this computer system.
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Try a new or updated modem driver - probably a Conexant modem, which is the cheap modem a lot of manufacturers use.  It seems to be the correct driver for Windows98.

Make sure you uninstall the old driver first, then get the latest driver for your modem.  

Since you've tried different modems, it seems there is a driver that isn't being uninstalled.  Are there any errors listed when you check the modem from the control panel?  Can you query the modem from Diagnostics?
assusimg you have already looked for an updated driver version, and that failed.  Try changing the driver to a generic drive.  The modem may not work this way, but you can issolate the issue being either HW or SW.  If changing to the generic driver allows you to do configs and the sort, then you know it was the software.  If not, then it's a pretty sure bet that it is still HW and resource related.

If HW related, <-- more than likely it's HW related
try swapping physical slots.  If you have 5 PCI slots, do not put the modem and the video next to each other.  Also, Most MB's share resources between two slots.  Figure out if that's the case with you and do not use both of the shared slots.  One or the other is fine.  

If SW related,
Update the driver for the modem you have.  If you need help let me know.

Good luck
rdavidcAuthor Commented:
yes yes and yes

i have checked for updates.  when i query the modem i get the above error, there are 4 pci slots and the modem uses a slot.  the sound, video and usb are integrated into the mb.
1. Since there are four PCIslots, and no ISA slots.  Make sure you have the card inserted into one of the middle slots.  Not one of the end slots.

2. Boot into safemode, open device manager, and find your modem(s) there.

3. You probably have a lot of them listed.  Remove all of them.

4. Reboot, and when prompted, install the corect driver for your modem.

If the computer came with an onboard modem, you may have to go into the BIOS and disable it.  Before anything else can really happen.
rdavidcAuthor Commented:
Ok, I have been switching between the 2 & 3 PCI slots (not the 1st and 4th)......., I did boot into safemode however you assumption that I would find a lot of drivers there was wrong.    there was only one driver..  i did remove it, rebooted and reinstalled the driver and I am still receiving the same vxd win95ac error.  there is no onboard modem.
Asta CuTechnical consultant & graphic designCommented:
Was this a Windows 95 to Windows 98 upgrade and then to 98 SE?  Is WindowsUpdate current?

Perhaps your tcp/ip settings incorrect or dial up settings search for the wrong modem type.  That these types of vxd error messages relate to drivers, perhaps even video but it's been a long time since I've used 98 ...  Video related as well and could impact you deals swith Hardware Acceleration which you can adjust (turn down) to test.  Also curious about the amount of RAM installed.  

This Windows 98 SE setup link may help

DUN upgrade, if needed

98 and 98SE troubleshooters

Fatal Exception errors
After you test the modem because that is an easy pull it out, if you have one.   I think that you should start checking out the motherboard for signs of being bad.  Look for burnt spots on the motherboard both the top and bottom.   Also you need to look at all the capacitors.  They look like batteries.   They should not be rounded on the top or bulging around thier surface.  They should also not be leaking anything.

first if you have another computer laying around install it on to that machine
and see if the problem gos away, you can rule its not hardware.

 another option
buy a newer modem and see if the probly gos away , $30 purchase
a  cheaper alternative is buying a used or new one at ebay for half the price.

by using another modem you can rule out  certain ideas on why this is happening
rdavidcAuthor Commented:
I split the points because both of you guided me to the solution.  Which, is that I put the old modem back in and formatted the hard drive and reinstalled from the recovery disk.  Loaded Compuserve and presto...........the modem has connected, I can also query it and it stays connected.  I really think this might have happened by someone downloading an update or something.  Anyway, I am in the process of downloading all of the critical updates now. Then a snap shot if all is well.  One step at a time.  thanks
Asta CuTechnical consultant & graphic designCommented:
Thanks for the good news.  You couldn't have said it better when you said "One step at a time." ... often, in troubleshooting mode, it isn't so much what you do as the order in which they're done; not to mention the need to reboot and test.  Sometimes the obvious we overlook because we so want to come to the end of task (been there and done that).
Best wishes,
Glad you got it working.  Thanks for the assisted points.  Take Care.
rdavidcAuthor Commented:
ARe you two ready for the next one?  Find, Subject:  Verifying DMI Pool Data under hardware
Asta CuTechnical consultant & graphic designCommented:
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