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Newbie to IIS....

I Have W2Ksvr SP4 with AD and exchange.  I'm using Linksys router, Dyndns.org for my dynamic IP address, and in the process of setting up exchange at home.

I want to know how to setup and host a website from home using IIS.  I need to be able to rely only on my server, not using any other webhosting sites.  Dyndns has my domain covered... it's michno.dynalias.com.  I do not have a webpage setup, and would like to know the best plan of attack from beginning to end.  Once up, I can modify and tweek the look of the website.  Eventually, once Exchange is up and running, I want to use Outlook web, but that's after the initial issue.

An extra 100 points who maps out the first through the last step and includes all steps for Outlook web.

I do not want to deviate from Microsoft software.
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ryanscoolConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I get a Directory Listing Denied error. In IIS you want to get Default Web Site (or the web site that you created for that site) and right click and go to properties. Then go to the Documents Tab, and click Add. Type in the default page name. (So if the page is called main.html, type main.html). Click Ok, Ok again, and try to access the page again. Of if you wanted to view whats in the directory, go into propeties and then go to the Home Directory Tab and Check Directory Browsing. This should solve your problem.

Ryan Gyure
One thing you need to do is configure your Linksys router to forward the ports onto your computer. Port 80 for HTTP, port 25 (SMTP) and 110 (POP3). If you need more help setting up your router I will need some more information on the router. If you plan to use subdomains or host more domains, you would want to setup Host Headers. You can do this by going into IIS and viewing the properties for the site. On the Web Site tab, under Web site identification. There is a button called Advanced, when you click on it it will bring up a new window. You can assign Host headers by clicking, select the IP address, type 80 for port value and add the name of your site (like if you site was test.com, type test.com.) You will want to do another one for www.test.com. Then in dyndns.org setup your site to the IP of your router. You can find your IP at this site http://www.whatsmyip.org/. This should work. As far as your Email question. Im not very big user of Exchange. If you already have it then I would use it. If not I have another suggestion for you. Check out Mail Enable (http://www.mailenable.com/). They have a free standard version. It works really well. To do this you would setup that on ther server too and make sure that you forwarded ports 25 and 110. You will have to add an MX record on dyndns.org that would point to the router IP.

Hope this helps,
Ryan Gyure
A possible solution:

Well in order to link your www.yourdomain.com You have to setup the appropriate DNS for your IP and domain name.

First go to a Free DNS provider ( i recommend www.zoneedit.com) They offer 5 free domains and then each additional is $10.95 US Setup an account.

Using zoneedit after you created your account with them go to "Add Zone"

Enter your zone which will be www.yourdomain.com and click add zone

Then you are directed to a new screen titled "View yourdomain.com"

Options: IP Addresses, Mail Servers, Web Forwards, Mail Forwards, Web Park, and Name Servers

There are really only 2 there that are necessary for what you want to do at the moment IP Addresses and Name Servers

1) Click the IP Addresses Link and enter your static IP Address (ie. click the Add IP address button.

2) Go back to the "View yourdomain.com" section and write down the Name Servers, you should see something similar to the following.


Now with this information you will have to either contact your registrar to enter it or if you have access to an web interface that allows you to change this information yourself, then it is easy. This is pretty much as far as I can go, if you figure this out it should take 24 - 48 for your DNS to change over and then when you type in www.yourdomain.com it should show your website and make it public on the internet.

Hope this helps.  

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MiahmichnoAuthor Commented:
"Enter your zone which will be www.yourdomain.com and click add zone"
When I entered michno.dynalias.com it said it could not be found.  
I have not paid for a registered Domain name like www.lastname.com.  Is that my problem?
I wanted to try and do this without that.
If you follow my comment, this should get you where you need to be. You don't want to use zoneedit for what you are doing, Dyndns has this covered for you. One good place that I have found that is easy to use is http://www.no-ip.com/.

Hope this helps,
Ryan Gyure
MiahmichnoAuthor Commented:
still when I type in what I think should be my website "michno.dynalias.com" I do not receive a webpage.  I get no webpage found.  but when I go to michno.dynalias.com/exchange I can log into my exchange mail.  

I think what I need to know is here to put my webpage, and how to make it readable from the internet.

Any ideas.
MiahmichnoAuthor Commented:
That got it.  I appreciate it.
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