16x DVD-ROM reading at 2x ?

I just recently purchased a 16x DVD-ROM drive to go with my new Barebones System (P4 3ghz, 1gig Dual Channel RAM[DDR pc3200 512 sticks])....... FAST !!!
The Drive was purchased from newegg.com at :
it is a SONY Black 16X DVD-ROM Drive, Model DDU1612, OEM  Drive...

After setting up everything, i ran NERO's Drive anayliser only to find out that my brand new 16x DVD-ROM drive was topping out at a meesly 2.6x Read speed...
What gives ?
The drive came with no Drivers, just the drive, ide and audio cable, and a copy of power dvd.
Sony's support site has no info at all, no new drivers no firmware, nothing... :(

Please Help... Any suggestions ?

Here is the output of Nero's Analysis :
Nero CD Speed Test results

General Information
Operating System Windows 2000  
Drive SONY DVD-ROM DDU1612  
Firmware Version DYS3
Serial Number  
Capacity 3.99 GB

Transfer Rate
Start 2.52x
End 2.59x
Average 2.60x
Type CLV


Seek Times
Random 85 ms
1/3 94 ms
Full 160 ms

CPU Usage
1X 39 %
2X 81 %
4X 100 %
8X 100 %

Burst Rate 3249 KB/sec

Spin Up/Down Times
Spin Up Time 0.00 sec
Spin Down Time 3.25 sec

Load/Eject Times
Load Time 1.21 sec
Eject Time 0.92 sec
Recognition Time 7.71 sec

Time Elapsed Action
[21:40:57]  Starting Transfer Rate Test
[22:00:46] 19:50 Speed:3 X CLV (2.60 X average)
[22:00:46]  Starting Seek Times Test
[22:00:55]  Random Seek: 85 ms
[22:01:04]  1/3 Seek: 94 ms
[22:01:21] 0:34 Full Seek: 160 ms
[22:01:21]  Starting CPU Usage Test
[22:01:36]  CPU usage at 1X: 39 %
[22:01:52]  CPU usage at 2X: 81 %
[22:02:16]  CPU usage at 4X: 100 %
[22:03:05] 1:44 CPU usage at 8X: 100 %
[22:03:05]  Starting Burst Rate Test
[22:03:10] 0:05 Interface burst rate: 3 MB/sec (3249 KB/sec)
[22:03:10]  Starting Spin-Up/Down Test
[22:03:13]  Spin-up time: 0.00 seconds
[22:03:26] 0:17 Spin-down time: 3.25 seconds
[22:03:26]  Starting Load/Eject Test
[22:03:27]  Eject time: 0.92 seconds
[22:03:29]  Load time: 1.21 seconds
[22:03:36] 0:10 Recognition time: 7.71 seconds
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Download this program to test read speed.   Just put in any DVD movie and decrypt it.   See if you hit more the 2.4x.


In win 2k go to the device manager and look at your IDE controller area.  Check both channels.  RIght click on "Primary IDE channel"  choose properties, then go to advanced settings.  It will have a listing for device 0 and 1.  

eg. under the advanced tab of the ide channel properites.

Device 0
Device type:   Auto detection
Transfer Mode:  DMA if available
current transfer mode (It should say: Ultra DMA mode-2)

If it says PIO mode then delete both IDE channels.  Just highlight them one at a time and press the delete key then reboot.  See if that works.  

Also try enabling Busmastering in the bios.

basskozzAuthor Commented:
Let me know if this might have anything to do with it...


Does the BIOS see it as UDMA?
Does Windows say if it is running in DMA or PIO?
Have you check the DMA box in the drives Properties menu?
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Maybe. It will work that way, but it is usually a good idea to put your main HD on PRI MASTER.
basskozzAuthor Commented:

I went to the drives properties but there is no option to set it for UDMA in windows 2000, also I couldn't find out if it was DMA or PIO ? where would this be?
I believe my bios doesn't show whether or not it is in UDMA mode... at least not that I can find, I have a intel D865GBF motherboard.

basskozzAuthor Commented:

in my bios this is what it says for the DVD-ROM drive...
PATA Primary Slave : Sony DVD-ROM DDU1612
Type = Auto
Configuration Options Selected by BIOS
LBA Mode: Supported
PIO Mode: Mode 4
Ultra DMA: Mode 2
Cable Detected: 80 conductor

Hope this helps...
BIOS looks good.
I am not that good with W2K, that I remember where the drive info is. Does it have a Device Manager? Or was it System Resources?    : /
Have you uninstalled and reinstalled the drivers?
basskozzAuthor Commented:

There is nothing in the device manager or drive properties that says UDMA, DMA, or PIO...
As far as uninstalling and reinstalling drivers, I have no drivers for the drive, it came as a OEM drive with NO drivers, so uninstalling and reinstalling drivers would be pointless because they would just be the default Windows2000 drivers again...
Also their are NO drivers available for download on Sony's support site, so I can't download anything from sony to correct this... which really Stinks :(

Try this. Update the Nero software with patches. Nero has patches that you need that will let it recognize the drive for what it is. See Nero's website.
basskozzAuthor Commented:
Mike helps you,

Already did, NERO is fully uptodate.

But, you bring up a good point, maybe I should try another program to analyse the drive, any suggestions ?


basskozzAuthor Commented:

Using Nero's InfoTool, I have found out that both my DVD RW+- and my DVD-ROM drives have DMA OFF while my HD has DMA ON... how can I correct this ?

Windows2000 has DMA off for both of my DVD drives, but my BIOS has them ON ?

Please help
basskozzAuthor Commented:
I have even tried Nero's DriveSpeed, which is an application that allows you to set the "Drive Speed" and I forced it to 16x and still the darn thing woun't get over the 2.6x to 2.7x range.


I hate sony.

Sometimes you can just delete the IDE drivers from the device manager reboot and let windows redetect.  This works for some people.

I don't know the specifics of your drive but many companies have the read speed of DVD drivers set at 2.4x.   My plextor 8x burner is locked at 2.4x.  To unlock a plextor you have to hold the eject button for 5 seconds (the light will blick 3 times) and let go.  The tray will open and the drive will read at full speed for that session.   You have to do it without a disk in the drive.  

DVD readers are generally unlocked but maybe Sonys are not.

You need to get DMA up and running for best performance.  

Even when you have DMA working and the drive unlocked be sure to defrag your drives often.  It makes a big difference in read speed.  If the drive is working well it should top out at 12x-16x near the end of the DVD.  Dual layer DVDs may not ever reach the drives top speed.  SIngle layer DVD read much faster.

Most disks are dual layer so I rip two at the same time at full speeds.   You need two separate HDs for this to work.

>>> DVD-ROM drives have DMA OFF <<<    I don't remember how to do it in W2K. Hopefully one of the experts in your other thread will know.
If that does not work uninstall nero and any other burning software on the system.   Delete the IDE channels again and reboot.  

That sony did not get good reviews on New Egg.    I bought a 30.00 Lite on 16x that works fine in UDMA-2, new egg sells those too.  May have to try another DVD drive.  Hope not.

This is the Lite on.  
basskozzAuthor Commented:
Thanks Goblin072,

The drive is working perfectly now!


Thank you much.    : )

Glad it is working now.  : )
Your welcome.  What got it working?

basskozzAuthor Commented:
Well, I turned on DMA, and that made a major improvment... I also switched my IDE cables and that improved it a little more.  So now its working great !
basskozzAuthor Commented:
But, Its not playing my DVD's smoothly...

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