how can we disable the Save AS Button in Adobe Acrobat

Hello  Gurus ,

  i got One Problem here , Actually In our Web Site .. we have Given Certain Link which Leads to PDF File s....
  Our Application(ASP Pages Calls/ invokes PDFs)

  We Want that when  this PDF  opens Up the Button for "Save As..." Should be Disabled .. We Don't want User to Save the Content of Our PDF File s...

  i will Furnish any Additional Information/details ... if Required...   Bye

  Waiting For Solution
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beaker67Connect With a Mentor Commented:
You should also be able to do this with Acrobat itself -
You may want to post this in the Web Dev area.
matalyn's right - even if you disabled Save As... in Acrobat, anyone could still right-click on the link for that file and select "Save target as...". So, you'd have to somehow disable saving it from the web browser as well (if you can even do that...).
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Yes, you can disable "Save As..." and various other options. There are programs that let you create PDFs with these options. Here are a couple:

You can also do something similar for your web site...
Phill_upsonConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Acrobat will stop the user saving the document but as posted earlier, there is nothing to stop the user right clicking the link and choosing save as.  The closest to disabling that function is to use javascript that brings up a dialog when the right click is invoked (the dialog will then force the context menu closed).  However, all you need to do to avoid that is hold the mouse over the link and use the context menu key on your keyboard, which there is no javascript to disable.

The one and only remaining thing i can think of to really stop it is to try and find a java applet which you can load into the page which inside the applet frame loads the document uses the adobe filters on the users PC (they would still need acrobat installed).  This way, they could keep all of the functionality of reader but the java applet can't be saved with its content.  To be honest I haven't a clue where'd you find an applet to do that.  Sorry I can't be of more help.


You are all also assuming that you have control over how the user views the pdf.  There is a setting in adobe that whenever a pdf is loaded into a browser, adobe forces a new instance of adobe reader to open on the client machine.  You cannot control any functions on this reader... you can only control the functions of the reader that opens within the browser page.
hiren_panchalAuthor Commented:

Hello Gurus ,
  Thanks For your invaluable time .  but  Guys I have not got the Solution . No Dount Mr. beaker67 Gave   me Some Good Link  but i m still at the Place Where i have started.

  I am instructed that i need to write some JavaScript Code.  So if You Can Provide Solutiion of this Kind then Even that would be Acceptable to me .

      Pls Contribute some More Time.

            And I  M increasing Point for The Questipon also.
Javascript won't achieve what you need, you will need a Java applet, Java and Javascript are two different languages.  As a Java applet would need to written from scratch, this isn't a quick one, i'll see if i can find an applet already written that you can use (i'll try and check the legality issue as well).
hiren_panchalAuthor Commented:
HI   Phill_upson ,

  Thanking You That was Nice of You....
                 And All Guru... Pls Get me Solutions fast  I M  Incrementing Points For Solution.
I did manage to find Java applets that do allow you to view pdfs, as well some "Java PDF libraries"...

There is also an Adobe Acrobat reader for Java...

I suggest a points split between beaker67 and myself for contributing sound advice?

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