Steps involved in SQL Server Transactional Replication


 I want to replicate db from a remote SQl Server. I want to know how to implement Transactional Replication form a remote server. Replication should happen contineously & all database operations held at Remote Server should be updated immediately at the Server at my work place.  How can I set up Remote Server for Transactional Replication (both as Publisher & Distributor) as well as Server at my work place as a subscriber.
Urgent Plz help

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edwardsearchConnect With a Mentor Commented:

Will be useful. eventhough it is for SQL 7.0, the concept is applicable for SQL 2000

- Edward.P
rehandConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Here is a nice link

Setting Up Transactional Replication: A Step-by-step Guide
If that doesn't do the trick let me know
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