Wireless Area Network Modem Router and Adaptor problems connecting to the internet + security

Hi everyone, I have this problem, and I need some help, let me explain:

I have a Wireless ADSL Modem + Router in one, and I'm trying to connect to the internet throught it. My main reasons are so there are no wires dangling down the stairs, so everything is wireless, so my wireless box (modem + router) is downstairs and my usb adaptor is upstairs plugged into my computer.

For your information my specs are:

Windows XP Pro
Pentium 4 2.4ghz
512mb ddr ram
160gb hd

My wireless hardware is:

Mentor Wireless ADSL modem router + 4 port router (it is wires as well as wireless)
Mentor wireless usb adaptor

I've connected everything and it detects the wireless modem router and I have the little "connected" icon in my system tray.

So the problem is I cannot connect to the internet, I've read the manual but i dont understand it.

My Isp is Tiscali UK (www.tiscali.co.uk) and  i'm on 512kbps broadband. I connect to the internet using a username and password and in the dial up number the writing is "adsl" instead of a number.

Now how can I configure my router modem to connect to the internet, i've tried diagnostics and it says ppp failed everything is connected, i know i have to set it up for my isp, but im not sure what to select ppp0e or something like that, can someone please help me figure out how I can get this modem adsl router to connect to my isp ?

In the 1 page manual it says configure using use admin and the "password". I've done that but i still don't know what to do after that.

Can someone please help me set this up, any help appreciated.

Also, once I have everything working (the internet) how can I go about securing both the adaptor and the modem router to make it secure so no one can hijack it or something like that?
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For wireless network, ensure that you actually name the SSID and the WEP(if u decide to use WEP instead for encryption).
Check out your manual for the wireless section and configure that 2..
go to the computer and configure it exactly for the connection to work.
(this is assuming that your adaptor can detect the signal from the router but no information flows through)
to first configure the modem, u need a cable connected to the modem. Just thgt I might mention(just in case!)
adrenalindxAuthor Commented:
the router has a built in adsl modem, and there is nothing in the manual, but isnt there some sort of thing that will connect using my dial up settings? what exactly is the ssid ?
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Hi Adrenalix,

SSID is to do with the security of your wireless network.
From what you've said, it doesn't sound like this is your issue at the moment. I would maybe suggest concerntrating with getting the DSL connection up and running before worrying about that (as it sounds like you are anyway !)

It sounds like you just need the correct setting to put into your router - as it will be the router that will be conencting to tiscali and not your desktop PC any more (i'm assuming you used to conenct to tiscali with a usb broadband modem from what you said about your dial up settings) you need to put the correct information in the router admin tool.

In the web based tool that you have already accessed, there will probably be a setting called "wan conenction" or "ADSL connection".

Take a look at this web page here :


This is from the Tiscali help and it will tell you what settings to put into your rotuer to get it to connect to Tiscali.

Hope this helps,


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adrenalindxAuthor Commented:
thanks peter, i already found that page before u posted, but if it works (im not at home, in the office) i will award u the 500 juicy points,

if anyone has any other suggestions please let me know, i need as many as possible in case 1 thing dusnt work
adrenalindxAuthor Commented:
btw ithink this will work, becuz i set PPoE instead of PPoA, also, what about security ? i dont wont anyone intercepting the wireless "packets" between the adaptors and the router+modem or anyone using my pc for free internet by hijacking my wan
Hi Adrenalindx,

I think this will work too ! I've set up a few of these for various people and the hardest part has always been finding the right settings for each ISP - it's not as bad as it was, as ISPs now realise that more and more people want to connection share wirelessly.

As for security, you might want to enable the SSID features of your rotuer if it supports it.
this is reasonable easy to do and it encrypts the wireless packets so even if they are intercepted they are useless.

Another thing to do will be to change the default name of your wireless network to something people wont be able to guess then prevent your wireless network from being visible.
This will prevent people snooping past your house with their laptops from being able to hook onto your network.

Finally, if your router supports it, if might be worth enabling mac address filtering.
A mac address is a unique number given to a network card my the manufacturer, so no two cards have the same mac addresses. When you enable mac address filtering, you specify which mac addresses can access your router wirelessly - therefore, with all these security features enabled your network should be pretty safe !

Hope this all helps,

You should confirm with your ISP that they use PPPoA ... if they don't and use PPPoE, then you don't need to enter a dialup number, just an ID & PW.

For security, you need to enable WEP or MAC Address filtering on your router.

WEP is a security key that you create, you'll need to enter it on your workstation to connect to the router.  Anyone outside your LAN will need to know the WEP key to connect.  If you use MAC Address filtering, you will tell the router whatMAC addresses are allowed, enter the MAC for your USB adapter.

You can get the MAC address from typing IPCONFIG/ALL at a command prompt in windows.

adrenalindxAuthor Commented:
thanks guys, im goin home now, so il try it out,

also il split points if i feel more than 1 reply has helped, so no one be offended

will post soon
adrenalindxAuthor Commented:
but if the wireless packets are intercepted, couldnt they be decrypted ? like bruteforce ? thats wot worries me,
I'm no expert on cyrptology ( although I do see dead people :) ) but if someone has the technology and ability to decrypt packets encrypted with a 128 bit encription key they would either be :

a) working for the CIA
b) hacking into the CIA

Suffice to say, it's near on impossible !

  Hey adrenalindx,

       There is a known vulnerability in the WEP encryption protocol that is why corporate
WLAN's use a number of measures to protect the Internal wired network.  The new
WPA protocol is the better wireless encryption protocol.  Check your Wireless Router
to see if you can adjust the power setting and lower it until you can still connect and
surf the internet in the house but when you are outside the connection will drop.
If you want corporate level security at home it will cost you.  They generally set the WAP
up so the signal barely broadcasts out of the building.  

Additionally if there is a Remote Management option on the Router then turn it off
This feature allows you to connect over the internet and manage the Router and look at all the WEP, DHCP, and filters etc you have configured.

Also if you leave the computer on while you not using it you should see if there is an option
to configure the date and time that access to the LAN is available.  If your a sleep from
10 pm till 6 am then you can restrict all LAN traffic connecting to the Internet for those times.

But to conclude any worries about security if they want the info on your computer bad
enough they will probably break in and make off with the whole system.  

adrenalindxAuthor Commented:

by the way im on my new router ;) im runin a few tests, but i need help with a few things, before i award points (which i will)

i dnt no much about networking or security, for networks, so im going to try 2 activate the encryption if i can figure it out,

and i dnt understand network ips, wot ip is and wot is 196.198 and wot is (assignin ips) and how can i do that?

thanks guys ur great
adrenalindxAuthor Commented:
also wot is dhcp wot is subnet wot is mac address ? how do i spoof a mac adress ?
adrenalindxAuthor Commented:
thanks, its ok, iv managed to get it working but for some reason i cant get the encryption activated,

on i go to wireless > encryption

i enabled 64-bit (have 128 bit too) and i select oen of the default keys, just to get it working and i change the ssid but when i click "submit" then i have to click save settings and reboot,

but when i click submit, nothing happens, it jus "waits" until connection times out, it ddoesnt reboot, and my internet access is then lost,

iut says im stil connected but i cant access anymore until i power of the router (downstairs) and power back on, then it will work again but it wont submit encryption details to router so i cant flash anything to memory ?

what is rnog here ?
adrenalindxAuthor Commented:
thanks guys, i have it working, i only have 1 tiny problem but its in another thread a few after this one, il give thep oints
Glad to hear your're up and running !
adrenalindxAuthor Commented:
thanks alot people, ur great guys, im actually goign to subscribe toexperts exchange, its helped me alo f times,
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