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Hello Ya'll
I'm sure anyone with experience with MB's should know this.  I have a used CTX system with a Trigem Cognac MB. The bios is dated 4/1999. I have found BIOS updates later than that for HP, AND, HP is using the exact same MB. Can I flash the bios with a HP Bios if its the same board. The Ctx company doesn't do PC's anylonger and there is absolutely no support. I called CTX and they said, "all parts are from manufacturers not CTX so if you have a concern just use the mfr info available. This lead me to try to find a Cognac Co. (which I couldn't).  I would like to know not only a YES or NO but Please explain to me if Manufacturers like HP, eMachines, Dell actually make any changes to the Boards once they buy them? Also, the changes to the OS's are mostly to put their TM and LOGO only?
Thanks, Jerry
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caffeinesharkConnect With a Mentor Commented:
just to add in - HP did use this motherboard, and some have supposedly flashed using HP's bios software:
more info from hp:

JerryBSays, if you flash the BIOS without having a backup, it is permanent.  You need to have a backup that you know will work in case the new BIOS doesn't.

they make it all from there own junk  so    try flashing it from hp      but first see if the bios has any manufactuer info on it  let me know
Given how easy a BIOS flash can go wrong, I would be wary of doing this.  The same manufacturer has different BIOS versions for each different motherboard, and they are not compatible with each other.  If you can afford to live with a doorstop if it goes wrong, then go ahead, but I would not recommend it.  Spend the money on a quality motherboard or get a decent used one from a reputable seller, but don't try customizing unless you can live with the risks.
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JERRYBSAYSAuthor Commented:
Anyone know if the manufacturer of this MB is around? And even if they are, isn't it the PC company that is responsible for the BIOS upgrades? I guess the answer to my question is, "who is RESPONSIBLE(someone in the MB field should know) for the updates the bios for the MB?" vs. Who actually does the upgrades? I really would like it if someone who builds or works with MB manufacturing to answer some of these.
compfixes101 - No, there is absolutely nothing in the BIOS that reflects CTX, and by the convesation on the telephone with the CTX company rep; I got the idea they aren't responsible for BIOS upgrades the manufacturer's are.  But I don't know anything about the guy on the phone, for all I know he could be the Janitor.....
Callandor - I have seen your experience and the points to proove it.  I also know enough about upgrading anything with a 5 year old computer is risky.  So if I understood your answer, once I attempt the update to the BIOS , there is NO GOING BACK?
JERRYBSAYSAuthor Commented:
Ok, We're getting there!
1) Can the BIOS be backed up from the MB?
2) Can the BIOS be Flashed more that ONCE?
3)When Callandor says: Doorstop, does he mean the BIOS CHIP is FRIED/SHOT/kaPUT? Or just needs another working BIOS FLASH?
4)How do I Backup or where do I find an 4/1999 BIos: I know that one works - its the 1 in now?
Looks like I'm boosting to 500 points with these answers!!
Thanks, I really do Appreciate the Time and Efforts for your HELP
CallandorConnect With a Mentor Commented:
1) Some flash programs allow you to back up the original BIOS before flashing, like AWDFLASH.  The alternative is to find the same version somewhere and download it.

2) Yes, as long as the flash is successful.  Examples of unsuccessful flashes: power goes off in the middle of the flash, or you flash the wrong binary.

3) I mean kaput - a BIOS is essential for a motherboard to boot up, so if you mess it up, you can't boot it at all.  Some have successfully "hot-swapped" BIOS'es or physically resoldered another one in, but these are drastic steps.

4) Either use a flash program that will back up your current BIOS, or look on the motherboard manufacturer's site, or look around (user:drivers, password:all).
JERRYBSAYS, did you mean to give a C grade?  Usually, that is given when the responses were not satisfactory - were we unable to answer your questions?
JERRYBSAYSAuthor Commented:
No I didn't , should I email someone to allow me to redo it?
Post a note in Community Support that you want to change it.
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