system process using 99-100% of system resources

I have a win2k pro computer that is running super slowly. It seems that the "system" process is using 100% of my system resources.  Everything else seems to work, albeit very slowly. It takes up to 10 minutes to load windows, and oncve loaded, every other program takes forever to load as well.  HELP!!???!?!
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berni1234Connect With a Mentor Commented:
had the same problem. i have copied you the comment from crissand, which helped me

Comment from crissand
Date: 04/28/2004 06:35PM CEST

This behaviour happens after installing KB Q835732? I yes, you can uninstall it, here is the procedure (this is from a newsgroup):

After installing Security fix KB835732, the SYSTEM.exe
procress uses up 99% of CPU time, and make the system non-

To unistall it, I did the following
(1) Boot into Safe mode.
(2) Run TaskManager - and noticed that the SYSTEM process
was using 99% of the CPU time.
(3) From TaskManager set the Priority of the EXPLORER
process to REALTIME, so that I can get to the control
(4) Run ADD/REMOVE PROGRAM from control panel.
(5) Go back to TaskManager and set the Priority of
get some CPU time.
(6) Select and Remove "Windows 2000 Hotfix  - KB835732".
(7) Go back to TaskManager and set the Priority
of "SPUNIST.exe" to REALTIME, for the uninstall program to
(8) Wait a few minutes, and the uninstall program will
eventually ask you to click FINISH to reboot the machine.
It took a long time for the system to shutdown and I just
unplugged the power.
(9) The machine should become normal after reboot.
Is that "System Idle Process"  ??  If so you have a hardware issue. MSGeek
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dankstah1Author Commented:
it is not the system idle process, it is the actual process "system" that takes 99% of the resources.

I have run spybot, spy assassin, and pest patrol, to no avail.

i have a new harddrive that i installed, then i ghosted the old HD to the new one, and it runs the same, the old HD had a few bad sectors, but this one runs exactly the same, so i know its not hardware.... i am thinking virus, but i still have to run hijackthis.....  get back to you tonite
thanks for the help
Fantastic fix!  Worked like a charm.  System was a little slow in shutting down, but did in a reasonable fashion and came back up sans-problem.  System back to normal.  Go figure - a hotfix from M$ that breaks the OS.
hi bb xpress !

be carefull. sasser is awaiting you ;-)
this patch is an important security patch, which prevents to be infected by sasser. be sure to have firewall activated and the latest virus-signatures.
i have heard, that ms has updated the patch. try the new one. if it does not work, you know how to remove it :-D
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