MAPI Public Folder Store

Hi Guys,

I have done a search on this but there is no clear answer, so here I go:

Ok, long story short is that a HDD crashed in a RAID 5 array. Exchange stores could not be mounted and no careful consideration with backup.

Now the person responsible has learned a very important lesson on backup and how important it is. Logs were missing and the stores were not mountable.

We used Powercontrols to extract the mailboxes and created a new storage group with a new mailbox store.

Mailbox usage is perfect up and running.

Now they rely heavily on "MAPI Public Folder" usage for a central calendar

Is there a way to "move" the MAPI public folder created by default for usage with outlook as it cannot be mounted.
(Only the Default "All Public Folders" Public Folder Tree Is Available for MAPI clients

I noticed it is not possible to delete (as per link below) and start fresh.

Is it straight forward to fix this?

It may be able to create another public folder store so clients can connect via intranet
(Current Outlook clients don't, so you can't display these other structures in Outlook. However, you can view them via the Web with the following format:

Thanks in advance. First time poster :)
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David WilhoitConnect With a Mentor Senior Consultant, ExchangeCommented:
ok...keep an original copy of the 2 files, you can run eseutil /p against a copy of the pub.edb. The .stm file has to be in the same folder...I assume there's a lot of data in there you need? Anyway, the repair should finish in a minute or so, then you can put them into the folder they were in before, and mount the store.

When you get ready to mount the store, dismount the mailbox store too. Remove the e00.chk file, then mount both stores.

This should help...

David WilhoitSenior Consultant, ExchangeCommented:
Well, it's ugly, but you can repair the pub. do you have the original pub.edb and pub.stm? If so, how big are they? I bet your stuff could be up in an hour...

linkinnovationsAuthor Commented:

I do still have the original pub.edb and pub.stm. Just waiting on a call back as to the size. Its not that big.
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linkinnovationsAuthor Commented:

About 50MB in total :)
linkinnovationsAuthor Commented:

Thanks much appreciated, I will try it and get back to you on an update

Just to fill you in I have extracted the data using powercontrols so I do have a copy of the data if all fails....

David WilhoitSenior Consultant, ExchangeCommented: did you create a new SG, and the other SG is still there?

linkinnovationsAuthor Commented:

Dismount the new mailbox store?

I have already deleted the old one btw

Awaiting your reply... :)

David WilhoitSenior Consultant, ExchangeCommented:
Why did you delete the new mailbox store? Are we talking about the one you just mounted recently as a replacement for the corrupted store?

linkinnovationsAuthor Commented:

No, just the old one

David WilhoitSenior Consultant, ExchangeCommented:
ok, well, since you've already got the pst files, you're ok...

linkinnovationsAuthor Commented:

One more question before I start

Should I dismount the new store when trying to mount the public store?

"When you get ready to mount the store, dismount the mailbox store too. Remove the e00.chk file, then mount both stores."

David WilhoitSenior Consultant, ExchangeCommented:
you can try it without doing so, but I don't believe it will work. But it won't hurt to try it. After the repair, the database should be consistent, and not need the logs to start.

linkinnovationsAuthor Commented:

Thank you first of all whatever happens for such fantastic support

David WilhoitSenior Consultant, ExchangeCommented:;en-us;327156

I just noticed my link never showed up, I'm lost tonight..

David WilhoitSenior Consultant, ExchangeCommented:
you're most welcome.... :)

linkinnovationsAuthor Commented:

Ok, No update yet on the current problem as I instructed another to do what you suggested and has yet to return my email / phone call...

I have another identical problem, but in this one the pub.edb and .stm is gone.. :( Any hope? Or is this un-fixable....

David WilhoitSenior Consultant, ExchangeCommented:
unfixable on the second, if there's no backup. the only hope is that someone had the whole public folder structure saved to pst file (s)

linkinnovationsAuthor Commented:

Well the first one is a winner and worked a treat, thank you very much.

No backup AT ALL :( on the second but does not matter as they do not want to use public folder but might in the future :o Full rebuild?

Friday is here! I finally see the weekend :D
David WilhoitSenior Consultant, ExchangeCommented:
Congrats! enjoy it... :)

Howdy Sam, howdy all.

I had a similar catastrophe happen to me last week.
After 8 hours of preparation and BackUps I took down the misbehaving Exchange2000 server/DC.
I did everything by the book. Even used Reskit ExMerge to make .pst files of the users, "Just incase." (Somehow forgot to do the same with Public Folders.#%"¤#&¤)
Anyway we had good backups with ARCServe2000. (I never want to use that software again.)
(Infact why hide anything in database anyway since it seems to be nearly imppossible to get them
up and running again after something goes wrong.)

Here is short discription of the past 4 days.

Confirmed that there was registry damage in our mail server. (I had not installed it. But was stupid enough to accept the job of fixing it since server could not be relied to work properly.)
Planned the operation owerhaul.
Check backups. done. ARCServe2000 (Even took Ghost image of the server.)
Check needed software. done. (+all the imaginable software and literature.)
Check licenses. done.
Make .pst files. done. (Just in case...)
Build temp-DC server with ex2000. done. (Just in case...)
Copy all needed files and db's from the old server to temp server extra HD to speed things up.
DCPROMO old server.
drop from domain.
Reset AD container for old server.

Remove partitions that were made with old Compaq SmartStart. (C:\ partion size limit!!!!)

Make new partitions with my own WinXP network boot CD (
Created 10Gb boot partition.
Format c:
Set up Windows2000 server with same attributes than last server.
Join domain.
Setup Exchange2000 with setup /disasterrecovery option.

Here it where it all goes terribly wrong. ***sigh***
After 18 hours of trying to recover from MS/CA disaster/disasterrecovery/softwarecrappazoidalmembrane#%)Q#¤&Q)(/
I conclude that I cant setup the exchange with out many terrible errors that cannot possibly
be fixed. But wait... theres more. I can't even remove this master peace of engineering.
Finally so fed up with the prospect of spending the rest of my life in that cold dark
server room with no lunch&sleep in sight I decide to take out my scalpel and dive
into the registry. After following knowledbase advice how to remove exchange by force...
(boys and girls don't do this at home) I managed to install Exchange with default settings.
Check time... uupppsss. 4am. No lunch no sleep and no much pay since this was slated to be 8 hour project. (Moron....)
Well here we are can't get the old DB's up cose they are from different OU=
That's right the "NEW" Exchange only deigned to get up with default settings!
Time to use ExMerge and import all the user .pst files to their mailboxes.
NO WAIT. I forgot... cant use that crap tool make mailboxes. Can't use AD to make mail boxes
without first logging in at first as the user. #Q/&¤%("/&%)#/¤&%)¤(/%#
After another hour I have finally reset all the users passwords and logged in as them so I can
start the ExMerge process finally.
After checking that the first mailbox was successfully imported to the users new mailbox
I go home to sleep full 3hours before going back to work.
NO WAIT... Then I notice that the connection from Outlook requires re-connecting
to the exchange server. I'm too tired to walk trough all the workstations so I make
simple instructions with pictures how to change exchange server name in outlook to
different name press apply and and change it back.

Next mornign...
(Omitted...) After lot of cursing I... (omitted.)
So how to get Public folders back?
After next sleeples nigt I discover that I should have made backup of the new empty
public folders db. Since I can't get the old pub1.edb up and running again and I don't
have the original "new" empty database, basicly I have no way to get at the data
and no way get it up and runnign again.
(After several hours of searching the wares sites. I finally find PowerControl's
magnificant software. Buy, buy, only 1k$.)
In 2 minutes I have the screwed up db in it's knees and begging for mercy.
I copy all the folders to .pst file that I mail to the old/new server. ( I'm at home working
over VPN now since it's late at night and want to spend some time at home since I
pay some money for that privilige.)
NO WAIT I have no up and running public folders and after long search it seems there is
no way to make a new public folders that outlook could use. (who uses owa anyway.)
There is no way to delete the public folders as the first post here indicates.
Byaaaaahhhh. I hate MS. Why can't I get a break? Ever!
Time to collect my self. Customer is waiting.
Lets do some creative exwork.

Here is how I did it. (Memory is wague but this approximatelly how.)
I rename the damaged public store. (In ex-management snap-in.)
I make a new public store with the old name.
I make a new public store tree in the tree folder with some other name.
I mount and dismount the new .edb.
I reneme the new .edb to the old .edb. (Same with stream files.)
I hassel with the user rights In ex-management snap-in.
I assosiate the old tree with the new store that has now the original name.
I mount the store. No luck.
I mark the store owerwritable and try again. YESSSSSSS!!!!!
I now have MAPI accessible public store back up again.
Now all I have to do is manually move the folders in .pst file to the public folders in Outlook.

After 4 days with excrap I'm moving to Linux IMAP usage that does not need
any stinking DB to hide users mails to.

Above writer is Sami Mattila.
I have now a decade with working experience with MS Servers and only 2 years with linux.
Wise money bets linux servers. Time to start studying.

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