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Hay guys,

              This is pretty easy question, but Im an exchange n00b so I am learning all the time. But I need to redirect (which is on my exchange server) to (which is an email address outside somewhere)

I basically need a step by step instruction because i have no idea about exchange yet. SO please don't just say create a customer reciept because I don't even know how to do that :)
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What90Connect With a Mentor Commented:
This shows you where to create a Custom recipient and a bit more info (half way down the page):

Create a Custom recipient for the forwarding address. Set this address as the Alternate recipient of the mailbox (mailbox property – delivery options tab)whose incoming mails have to be forwarded. Also select if the mails are to be sent to both the recipients or only the Alternate recipient.
What version of Exchange are you using?
d_illicitAuthor Commented:
Exchange 5.5
d_illicitAuthor Commented:
Cheers thanks for that.
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