Writing line breaks to text file - getting little squares

Posted on 2004-04-27
Last Modified: 2013-12-12
Hi, I am using the script:

$inputString = "Customer\tContact\tStreet\tCity\tProvince\tPostal code\tPhone\tFax\tE-mail\tWeb site\tMemo\n";
$fp = fopen("SAtemp/temp.txt", "w+") or die("Couldn't create new file");
fwrite( $fp, $inputString );

to write text to a file, then to send it by email I use:

 include('class.Email.php');   //this class is found at:

  $NewEmail = new Email($compName." <".$rcpemail.">", $email, $subject);
  $NewEmail->TextOnly = true;
  $NewEmail->Content = "This email has been sent to you through the ". $compName." Contact form at ".$compURL."\r\n\r\nMessage from: ".$customer."\r\nReply email address: ".$email."\r\n Website address: ".$website."\r\nContact Name: ".$contact."\r\nAddress: ".$street."\r\nCity: ".$city."\r\nProvince: ".$province."\r\nPostal Code: ".$postalcode."\r\nPhone Number: ".$phone."\r\nFax Number: ".$fax."\r\n\r\n=================== Message Text Below ====================\n\n".stripslashes($memo);

//** send a copy of this file in the email.

  $NewEmail->Attach("SAtemp/temp.txt", "text/plain");

Now, the only problem I have is when I open the text file I see a little square at the end of the line instead of the line break.  Any suggestions, please?
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Are you getting...

some stuff here[]some more stuff[]and yet another line

Or are you getting...

some stuff here[]
some more stuff[]
and yet another line

If it's the second one try removing all the instances of \r and just leave the \n's in.

Alternatively, try replacing "text/plain" with "text/html".
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You can try using Ln() Line break functio, instead...

$NewEmail->Content = "This email has been sent to you through the ". $compName." Contact form at ".$compURL.Ln().Ln()."Message from: ".$customer.Ln()."\rReply email address: ".$email.Ln()." Website address: ".$website.Ln()."Contact Name: ".$contact.Ln()."Address: ".$street.Ln()."City: "................and so on....

If i was wrong somewhere, you can well see and use this tutorial...

Author Comment

ID: 10935717
Actually I am getting it in the text file I am generating:

$inputString = "Customer\tContact\tStreet\tCity\tProvince\tPostal code\tPhone\tFax\tE-mail\tWeb site\tMemo\n";

at the end.  Just a single square, with no line break.  The others work fine.
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I tried text/html and still get the same result in the txt file.  Any further suggestions would be appreciated!  Thanks!

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ooop, I got it.  I had tried \n\r and it didn't work, but then I discovered I needed to put \r\n instead.  YAY!

found it at:

Thanks y'all anyhoo.

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I had the same issue,

the suggestion above,

(ID:10935911  Author:earthman100  Date:04.27.2004 at 11:13PM PDTAuthor Comment)



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