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Hey Guys,

I have been asked to evaluate our current backup procedures.

Our Current environment is 30+ servers, currently with each server containing it's own tape drive.  We have purchased a couple of Autoloaders for the 6 SQL servers.  All servers reside on a Gb Segment.  My Question is this?

If you have 1.5TB (current data) to backup with the scalability upto 4TB+.

Keep budget in mind, as my Director is quite thrifty...

Thanks Guys,

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dovidmichelConnect With a Mentor Commented:
For an opteration your side stay with SCSI. Easy way to think of it, put an estimated total $ amount that all that data is worth. Just ask yourself what would it cost if it was lost. From that perspective spending an extra couple of $1000 on a SCSI device and media is a very cost effective way to preserve that data.

Having the backup application running on an application server such as SQL scares me. SQL servers should be single application servers, and not running anything else at least in my mind.

Having all local backups in nice in that it is LAN free but that is a lot of administration and cost in software.

I would recommend setting up two dedicated backup servers, that way you can restart them as you like. Use an average box with plenty of RAM and good SCSI cards. No more than two tape drives per bus. There are already those six libraries perhaps they can be used. Do they have the needed capacity? Do they have more than one tape drive each or can they be upgraded? You have a good network so if it is properly configured it should work out just fine.

In your case it should be easy to set it up in small steps. Setup a dedicated backup server and move one tape drive over to it. Then backup the server were that tape drive came from over the network. This will be your first test and set the ground work. Next move a library to that server and move the tape drive to the SQL server. Now setup the backup server to backup both the original server and the SQL server. If there is a problem you still have the tape drive to fall back on for the SQL server. and so on and so on.
joebrezAuthor Commented:
Sorry guys,

I am looking for info on what you would recommend for a solution with the space listed above.

Please be more specific.
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Can you provide more info?
joebrezAuthor Commented:
Sorry Guys, It was late last night when I posted.

Here is Criteria:

- Full Daily Backup with Offsite Capability
- Must be able to complete between 10p-5a (M-F)
- 38 Servers with a current used total of 1.5TB with the Available capability for 4.0TB.
- Should be MS-Exchange (2K3) Aware
- Should be MS-SQL compatible
- All Servers are Windows Based (2000 or 2003)
- Cost is a concern, Director is very frugal

Again guys, sorry about the problem
Are you looking for recommendations on software or hardware or both???
Depending on where you are in the world would depend on your supplier and their prices.

As for hardware, there are a few tape drives these days that will support around 4TB using high compression, the specs of the drive should tell you how long a backup takes.  If you are using compression, bear in mind this time will be increased and is dependant on the performance of the machine hosting it.  Good tape drives cost a fair amount as do decent tapes.  No matter how tempting a budget offer is, bear in mind tapes snap so don't eek them out any longer than the manufacturer recomends.

Veritas Backup is a decent utility and used by many huge organisations, it support incremental and daily backups and i am fairly sure its exchange aware, however, recovering users mailboxes is always a nightmare from backup, so try and get the policy in early to use personal folders or they cant have their data back.

Veritas is quite handy at multiple servers too.

Hope this helps

joebrezAuthor Commented:
For dovidmichel:

Hardware.  We currently use Veritas 8.6 and 9.1 depending on OS.  Currently all Servers have their own tape drives.  They are looking to consolidate.

Basically I am looking for what other people are using...  What kind of setups are people using?  The New SATA to be trusted.  I know mechanically they are the same as IDE.  SCSI has always been more robust (although costly)

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