tv tuner software

I have a pixel veiw tv card

Can someone just post some downloadable links about tv software that are best and able to captuer maximum tv stations. The result should be good and can record the tv program.

Also tell me if there is some softare in which i view different tv channels at the some time(multiple windows)

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Muhammad Ahmad ImranDatabase DeveloperAsked:
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    I think It's Very Critical to get a software approved  by the maker of the Tv card or to use the software provided by the Makers. I myself also have a tv card and no other software worked efficiently apart from the one supplied with the card. I always kept on getting blue error screens and miscellenous errors while using other software. FUnny how it turned out that no other software was nearly as good/efficient as the one that came with the maker

  The best thing i'd suggest is to use the software at least recomended by the maker.
>>>What's the full Details of the card(Full name and model no) so i can look for a proper software that matches the TV card???

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Sohel RanaCommented:
imarshadConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Try Dr. Divx 1.0.4
It is the best to compress video.
It is the only official software supplied by Divx guys....
DrawBack: I was not able to watch the video while recording........ Maybe It was problem only with me.....
Its link is

Another good software is WinVDR
Its link is

My bundled software(Pixel View)  was the best to view TV but not to record Videos........ it had a feature to make the Slideshow of the channels available...... So you can watch more then one channel at a time(though its frame rate was not good)
and if your TV Card has WDM drivers then you can use almost all the commercially available softwares for TV Tuner Cards.....
JaffaKREEConnect With a Mentor Commented:
My tv card has (WDM) in it's tiile and properties but i can only use very few commercially available software for it. ???

Muhammad Ahmad ImranDatabase DeveloperAuthor Commented:

how I get information about the card. I just know it is pixal view tv/fm pv951 card. As I take it from one of my friends and with out any packing.

@All Experts.

No one mention that there is a software that show more than one chanels at a time.

I try one or two but not satisfactory may be i am still not using them correctly. But all shows picture but not sound how I detect the voice. Also which jack should be used back of the tv card or of sound card.

In most of the TV Cards you need to connect the Audio output of the TV Card to the "Line In" of sound card. You will need a stereo jack. Make sure that you have done this......

You need to connect an output from the tv | tivo | receiver (sound) to the input of your sound card.  It's might be an RCA (like the red/yellow/white cables) output to miniplug (think headphones), in which case you'll need a converter (<$10).  If you use virtualdub, you can go into capture mode and click audio --> volumeter and test everything, the volumeter will spike when you get everything correct.
Sohel RanaCommented:

I check many software's site but most of them doesn't mentioned about the list of channels. So, I think you need to download some software and check. One of my friend use Win DVR, and he said it catches all the channels from his cable.

Main page:


Trial Download:

Or you can use Win TV:


The best one is still more TV wich also can descramble some stations. The software is not for illeagle puposes. But it works.
One of the best I've ssen (and I use) is: .

The current version does not support MULTIPLE CAPTURE/Tuner boards YET.

Additionally, to do what you want, you should purchase capture boards with hardware encoders or a really fast Pentim IV (or AMD which is what I use), because encoding is very cpu intensive. I use a hauppaugh 250 and my cpu utilization is 3-4% when recording/encoding.... Excellent.

One drawback to hardware encoding is that you can only capture to MPG and none of the Windows formats, but this is perfect if your target media is DVD. The less number of times you have to re-encode the better off you are!

A BIG harddisk!  I've got twin 160G drives and am constantly burning DVDs to prevent space problems. Each 1 hour TV show consumes about 2G of disk space. After you cut out the commercials (leaving about 43-44 minutes) it's about 1.4G. I'm currently building a collection of Stargate SG-1, FarScape and ST-Enterprise episodes and I get about 3 episodes per 4.7G DVD after the capture (Beyond-TV), edit (Mpeg Video Wizard), and burn (ULEAD DVD Movie Factory 2) phases.

Speaking of cutting out the commercials. The best software I've found for editing MPG files is MPEG Video Wizard from . It makes quick work of extracting and resplicing these really huge files. Womble also markets a capture package MPEG-VCR, but I'm not familiar with its features... Both womble products are available for free trial period.

And ULEAD, , was selected because it includes the ability to burn properly encoded mpegs directly to DVD without re-encoding. I've tried other products which claim to do this, but I have been unsuccessful at making them work, so I'm staying with what works for me.

Good luck and happy recording.

E-Machine T2865 - 512M 320G Hauppaugh 250 Beyond-TV 3.4.4 Beyond-TV 3.5 (Beta Tester)

BeyondTV kicks @$$!

And the 3.5 beta is just amazing!
GBPVR seems to handle most cards well.  Worth a try.
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