unable to print screen


We are runnnig a WXP sp1 network with Active directory. For some reason nobody is able to print screen any webpages and documents and i cannot seem to figure out why.
Could someone please help,

Many thanks

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jatcanConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Check your BIOS, it may allow disabling of int 5. Some background info for you (for interest sake-most likely not to helpful in this situation-you may want to try the print screen in safe mode or VGA mode just to make sure there is not something happening as in below-a 1 has already been written to int 5 in other words and you print screen won't work because of that?):

There are really two print screen functions: 1) print current screen
 snapshot, triggered by PrintScreen or Shift- PrtSc or Shift-gray*, and
 2) turn on continuous screen echo, started and stopped by Ctrl-P or

 1) Screen snapshot to printer:

 The BIOS uses INT 5 for this. Fortunately, you don't need to mess with
 that interrupt handler. The standard handler, in BIOS versions dated
 December 1982 or later, uses a byte at 0040:0100 (= 0000:0500) to
 determine whether a print screen is currently in progress. If it is,
 pressing PrintScreen again is ignored. So to disable the screen
 snapshot, all you have to do is write a 1 to that byte. When the user
 presses PrintScreen, the BIOS will think that a print screen is already
 in progress and will ignore the user's keypress. You can re-enable
 PrintScreen by zeroing the same byte.

I got tired of playing around with all this and just bought snagit! Haven't had screenshot problems since:



Have you tried the various combinations for Print Screen (Combined with ALT, Shift)
Is there any FN key (function) that has to be depressed first (like on a laptop keyboard)?
Make sure printscreen has not been disabled ..
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print screen does not print the screen.... it would copy the screen as an image to clipboard... you will need to paste it in any image handling software like ms word, excel, ms paint etc and then print from there..
1. if your problem is that image is not getting copied to clipboard please mention more about the graphics card u r using and what applications are installed
2. if your problem is that u r able to printscreen and paste but not able to print them mention more about your printer setting, printer typres whether printer is printing other stuff etc....
> print screen does not print the screen.... it would copy the screen as
> an image to clipboard..

Good point.
Tacobell2000Author Commented:
I am unable to paste to a word document or any other document  after a print screen.
can u paste in paint or any graphical editor ?
Can you select text and copy/paste?  Or is this only via Print Screen?
Tacobell2000Author Commented:
no i cannot paste in paint or any graphical editor.
try to paste in word - office

try this print screen software . its free
Tacobell2000Author Commented:
For some reason i am able to print screen to paint but unable to do so on a word document etc.... .
Search for a rename "normal.dot" without the quotations. When found rename to normal.old, if multiples found rename in sequence, old1, old2, old3 etc....keeping in mind on an NT system you may not have permission to rename all found files.

Remove you printer driver. Reboot. Re-install. Word use's the printer drivers for all print functions, I am not 100% sure that the print screen function would be involved with the print drivers but just in case and it cannot hurt.

Also, try this, open word, do a print screen (just press the print screen button on your keyboard), then right click in a blank space in Word and left click paste.

1.) is paste an available option in word when doing the above steps
2.) does the picture paste in OK?
3.) if not, is there an error message of any type?
4.) have you checked:

MS Word
Tools Menu
Options sub selection
Edit Tab
Picture Editor

1.) Is the photo editor MS Word (2000) Ms Office Word (2003) or something else such as MS Photo Editor?
     - if it is something else, such as MS Photo Editor, try changing to MS Word and try the prntscrn/paste again



Tacobell2000Author Commented:
This did not help but i will give you the points because of the effort you put into this.


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