Export a list of all installed software to a txt file

Using the following code copied from another expert solution I want to know if it is possible to get the code result in to a TXT file:

Option Explicit

Dim ListText, S, Key

Set S = CreateObject("RegEdit.Server")

For Each Key In S.Keys("SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall").SubKeys
    If Key.ExistsValue("DisplayName") Then
      ListText = ListText & Key.Values("DisplayName").Value & vbCrLf
      ListText = ListText & "(" & Key.Name & ")" & vbCrLf
    End If

Wscript.Echo ListText

I want also if possible to get the same type of result but including all the hardware installed in the computer and also all the users names included the access type.

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LRI41Connect With a Mentor Commented:
To follow up on HynesCo comment, here is where you can find Belarc, plus some other programs

BELARC ADVISOR.  You can download a short file at


and this software will take a snapshot
of your system and display a Web page providing a complete summary.  The
data resides on your local system and is not sent to a Web server.   The
report provides information on all hardware and software you are
running.  It even tells you the version number.  And it's all free, for
personal use, and supports Windows 95/98/ME/NT4/2000/XP.


Aida also

Last Aida Version 3.93

sad note: Aida is no longer going to be supported

they officially took the aida site down

here you can download aida32 here



Aida is now called Everest

Everest 1.00.93

Compact PC Diagnostics Tool Based on EVEREST Technology.

was reading about Aida in a forum, and this program was described as being identical. both AIDA32 3.93 and Everest 1.00.93 installed and they appear to be almost carbon copies of each other.


Subject:      Re: (no subject)
Date:      4/25/2004 1:58:09 PM Pacific Daylight Time

 agree. I now have both AIDA32 3.93 and Everest 1.00.93 installed and they appear to be almost carbon copies of each other.
This is the last AIDA32-related broadcast message you receive.

Best Regards,
Tamas Miklos (Fiery)

Tamás Miklós has joined Lavalys
Press Release | 2004-04-18  
Lavalys Appoints Tamás Miklós as CTO and Executive Vice President of Software Engineering Research & Development.


WinAudit 1.2.3

WinAudit allows you to perform a detailed audit of the hardware and software configuration of your computer. The resulting audit report contains details on installed software, license information, peripherals, memory usage, processor model, network settings, startup programs and more. It can be viewed from within the application, or optionally exported to text, nicely formatted web page, XML and spreadsheet formats. WinAudit also supports ODBC connections and can export audit data to an existing database. Very small, standalone program that works well.


WinAudit is free, it will work on any computer using Windows 95 or higher. The program requires no installation making it ideal for those who need to perform an audit in a few seconds with the simple click of a button.

The program's small size of 112KB means that it will easily fit onto a floppy disk or can be sent as an e-mail attachment enabling you to audit a computer rapidly and with the minimum of effort.  

Download (112kB, 20s @ 56kb/s). There is no installation; using your file manager, navigate to the folder where you saved WinAudit, then double click on the program


heres a better way to do it....

On Error Resume Next
    cName = "."

    Set oWMI = GetObject("winmgmts:{impersonationLevel=impersonate}!\\" & cName & "\root\cimv2")
    Set cSoftware = oWMI.execQuery _
        ("SELECT * FROM Win32_Product")
    For Each oSoftware In cSoftware
        Worksheets("sheet1").Cells(Row, Count) = oSoftware.Description
        Count = Count + 1
        Worksheets("sheet1").Cells(Row, Count) = oSoftware.identifyingnumber
        Count = Count + 1
        Worksheets("sheet1").Cells(Row, Count) = oSoftware.installlocation
        Count = Count + 1
        Worksheets("sheet1").Cells(Row, Count) = oSoftware.installstate
        Count = Count + 1
        Worksheets("sheet1").Cells(Row, Count) = oSoftware.Name
        Count = Count + 1
        Worksheets("sheet1").Cells(Row, Count) = oSoftware.skunumber
        Count = Count + 1
        Worksheets("sheet1").Cells(Row, Count) = oSoftware.vendor
        Count = Count + 1
        Worksheets("sheet1").Cells(Row, Count) = oSoftware.Version
        Count = Count + 1
        Worksheets("sheet1").Cells(Row, Count) = oSoftware.installdate
        Count = Count + 1
semogTAuthor Commented:
It is really the first time that I try to use scripts and my skills in this matter are very low.
When I run the code supplied by golsen23 nothing upon.

I want to be able to export this information to a txt or xls file.

There is a free app called Belarc that does what you are trying to do.
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