Best way to convert 3D animation/2D Video into a 'Comic/Cartoon-style' Flash animation?

Hi folks,

I was just wondering if there is a plugin, filter or convertor out there that will convert a Video clip or 3D Animation or still images into a cartoon/comic-style flash animation.  Ideally, it would provide options for reducing colours and adding outlines.


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MontoyaConnect With a Mentor Process Improvement MgrCommented:
There are a few ways.

Swift3d from erain ( provides a full app and a plugin for 3ds Max. You can choose from several different shading optinos and fills like Gradient mesh, cartoon, etc..

If it is video you want, try Flix at
LukasxAuthor Commented:
They look exactly like what I'm after!!

MontoyaProcess Improvement MgrCommented:
another great choice is Plasma, but it is a bit pricier, and they havent done any updates in some time. You can find it here

Good luck!

MontoyaProcess Improvement MgrCommented:
I'm glad I could help. thanks in advance for the accepting my answer.

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