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I'm trying to display a report on screen, but seems that when I display it on screen , the screen is reduce and I can't make it bigger, even with the mouse resize. What could I do?

Here is a bit of code with my frames.

      WITH FRAME qbf-report-1 DOWN COLUMN 1 WIDTH 200

But the frame cant get bigger, why?
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try putting all of the frame formatting (column-labels, width, etc) in the
display statement and get rid of the "DOWN" and the "FRAME qbf-report-1" since
the default frame for the FOR EACH block will automatically be a down frame.
You then can also remove the "DOWN WITH FRAME qbf-report-1." statement.

Past that - try removing some of the other FRAME qualifiers (i.e. "STREAM-IO")
one at a time to see if that fixes the problem.

Hope it helps...

Hi Dranizz'
The form size is limited by the active window size. You can reset this using the ACTIVE-WINDOW handle:

For example.

Regards .. Alan

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DranizzAuthor Commented:
Thanks ADSaunders, thatMs exactly what I needed!
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