Insert an <img> tag in a textarea

I have a textarea that saves text to a table db to show text in other page.
I thought that adding an <img scr="image.gif"> in the textarea would work (I mean, would show the image in the showing page) but for my surprise, it doesn't.
When I see the source code in the showing page, the code is ok, but the image is not shown (the page shows only a small icon, not like the one that image is not found).
When I see the properties of the image, it doesn't show anything, only the width and height if I specify them in the tag. The image is saved correctly, If I type the url of the image in the browser it shows it perfectly.
What can be happening?
Thank you!
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amweissConnect With a Mentor Commented:
make sure you have the image loaded properly on the server...try putting that url into a browser and make sure you can it.
it is not possible to show an image in a textarea.
DeLaVegazAuthor Commented:
And the reason about that? How can I solve?
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are you sure your scr is pointing the image?  Try putting in the full url instead.  If it can't find an image (which happens if the folder is wrong or something like that) you will only get the small icon.
DeLaVegazAuthor Commented:
I already try using the full url:

<img src="">

But it's the same :(
L00MConnect With a Mentor Commented:
agree with amweiss
Either you are not supplying the proper path, or the HTML is malformed
you accepted an answer.
So do you mean that you managed to get an image appeared in a textarea?

DeLaVegazAuthor Commented:
No, that was not the question, I think you understood wrong...
I wanted to put an <img> tag in a textarea, and then to appear in other page where I printed the result.... for some strange reason it was not working, although everything's was right, I didn't change anything, and it start working without touching anything...
i really misunderstood.
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