PHP header problems porting from FreeBSD to Win XP

I have a PHP site (newest version) that works fine on FreeBSD.

But when I try to port it to my XP laptop so I can work at home, I get errors trying to use the header() redirect.

For instance, a line like this:

     header("location: xxx.php");

will get me an error that says I've already printed out the headers and I can't do it again. It's just not true.

I assume there's either a problem with files being Unix style in XP. Or maybe there's just an Apache or PHP setting I can change?

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Dany_mxConnect With a Mentor Commented:

First open the php file with wordpad (no notepad) and save all the page, with this you change de LF to CR LF

and in your code you can test the follow

header("location: xxx.php");

whit this you turn on the buffer

try it

You need to insure that you are not printing out any header information before sending the redirect.

Put your header("location: xxx.php"); as the first thing before any header information and you should be fine.
Also, check if you are getting any Notices or Warnings prior to that header(...) call.  That can cause the issue too.  
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