hi, in relation to another question,

I have some servers which occasionally stop working, ping stays up though i am just able to log on or connect remotley to see what the problem was, event view shows nothing.

is there any thing the could show which servive is having trouble, i was thinking of using the recovery option to write to a text file but that would takes ages to do,  I not sure a service is actually failing (pretty sure that would be written to event log?)

any ideas?
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Pete LongTechnical ConsultantCommented:
start >run >Services.msc {enter}

right click the service and on its properties set it to restart if it encounters an error :)
Fatal_ExceptionSystems EngineerCommented:
First thing I would do is to ck your DNS..  run the standard diag tests here and see if any problems show themselves..

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Description of the DNSLint Utility and dnslint.exe dnload:;EN-US;321045
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could be a hardware issue as well....?
when you say stop working... what actually happens?

you can try switching memory chips or do a checkdisk on the drive....
mhamerAuthor Commented:
hi, im aware of the restart option,  doesnt actually stop from what i can tell just encounters an error.

stop =  ther are citrix servers,   clients will get a message of not accepting connections, current users will slow down to a stop over about 10 minuets,

I can ping but can not log on, or do any thing remotely, nothing is shown in event viewer

hard ware is up to date. and monitord but i have same problem on 3 seperate (identical servers)

Are you leaving connections open?  That happened to me in the past with Term Services.  Its not a service that is shut down, but that the number of concurrent connections is maxed.  At least the case with me.
mhamerAuthor Commented:
sr75 hi, not sure what you mean, where is this set?

I doubt it is the cause as we have three servers with at most 30 users on each  90 if two of the three are down

but worth looking in to.

also it has done this over night with no one logged on

and they are rebooted at midnight
On the Terminal Server (at least for terminal services) its in the control panel under the Administrative Tools.  If it is happening overnight and they are rebooting then I doubt it as well.
Fatal_ExceptionSystems EngineerCommented:
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