downloading an html file as .doc

hi guys.
does anyone know a simple way to allow a download an html file as .doc?

I have a web-based application that displays an application form in html. I'd like to add a feature that when the user click "download file". The file will be open in Word and can be save as .doc.

thanks in advance :-)
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Check out:

It doesn't look like they have Word support yet, but it should be coming soon (according to them).

i don't thnink it's a matter of java. for that u can simply create a Doc file and save it as HTML, and place a link in the HTML to download the same Doc file.
marshiaAuthor Commented:
thanks for your responses.

mark-b, I'll take a look at the site you had specified. thanks :-)

maheshexp, I'd like to have the .doc file to be the same as what is being displayed. This means that the same html can have different values in it depending on the user. So the creation of .doc file is dynamic in a way. :-)
u need to have the document file with filled values right
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