DNS weirdness

Here's quick one for someone...

I have queried (with nslookup) the DNS server (freeserve UK) at from 2 different computers and got 2 different responses:

- One said that the domain 'arkanum.co.uk' resolved ok.
- The other said there was a server error.

I did this repeatedly from both.

If someone can successfully tell me why (and how to sort it out), they get the points...
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My requests to that DNS server are timing out, but my local DNS server has no trouble resolving that domain.  So I'd guess that the freeserve DNS server is hosed, overloaded, compromised, or otherwise broken.

It is to do with the dns server's you have on each machine.
when you type in nslookup, it will say "default server"
and a "ip address"

make sure these are both the same on both computers, if not.

Then the computer which works, get the "ip address" from nslookup.

Goto the other computer, type:
server "ip address" (from working server)

if it resolves (which it should).

You have two options, if you have a static ip and can set it manually then change it in tcp/ip properties in my network places properties.

Otherwise it is dhcp'ing from your ISP. and you will have to contact them, saying that there dns server does not resolve a .uk domain.

Just found that ZA blocked my queries to freeserve.  Any chance that's the issue you're encountering???

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dmjabboAuthor Commented:
It's not resolving at all now...

Any change of giving me the addresses of some other DNS servers?
Quering arkanum.co.uk for itself:

Query:All records (ALL):arkanum.co.uk
Authoritative Answer
arkanum.co.uk      SOA      ns1.mustang.xssl.net      support.unitedhosting.co.uk
arkanum.co.uk      NS      ns2.mustang.xssl.net
arkanum.co.uk      NS      ns1.mustang.xssl.net
arkanum.co.uk      A
arkanum.co.uk      MX      10      mail.arkanum.co.uk
ns2.mustang.xssl.net      A
mail.arkanum.co.uk      A
Complete: arkanum.co.uk

You need to set your DNS server to a working one as stated by riler. To find out which one to use you should contact your ISP and ask them what server to use.

dmjabboAuthor Commented:
Thanks both of you for the help. It appears that Freeserve are having technical difficulties.
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