PLEASE HELP ME -- how to get data from a xml file using C#?

Hi, all,
i have a xml file like:
- <FORM name="Work Order">
  <CONTROL type="edittext" id="1000" windowtext="17089" order="0" key="15747">17089</CONTROL>
  <CONTROL type="edittext" id="1018" windowtext="TM1504" order="4" key="1064">TM1504</CONTROL>  
+ <CONTROL type="tabpane" id="106" windowtext="" order="6">
- <TAB name="Contractor">
  <CONTROL type="edittext" id="1211" windowtext="" order="2" />
- <TAB name="Costs">
- <CONTROL type="tabpane" id="801" windowtext="" order="67">
- <TAB name="Labour">
- <CONTROL type="grid" id="1300" windowtext="" order="9" rows="1" cols="35">
- <ROW order="1">
  <COL name="Activity" order="1">TM1504</COL>
  <COL name="Task" order="3" />
  <COL name="TASKKEY" order="4">1</COL>
  <COL name="" order="5">15747</COL>
  <COL name="Charge Date" order="6">12/08/1997</COL>
  <COL name="" order="7">10:44</COL>
  <COL name="Crew Type" order="8" />
  <COL name="Job Class" order="9" />
  <COL name="Employee ID" order="10">100236</COL>
  <CONTROL type="edittext" id="4216" windowtext="22.55" order="14">22.55</CONTROL>
  <CONTROL type="edittext" id="1316" windowtext="22.55" order="15">22.55</CONTROL>
- <TAB name="Extra Item">
  <CONTROL type="grid" id="1470" windowtext="" order="44" rows="0" cols="19" />
  <CONTROL type="edittext" id="4216" windowtext="0.00" order="49">0.00</CONTROL>
  <CONTROL type="edittext" id="1479" windowtext="0.00" order="50">0.00</CONTROL>

this xml file is very complex.
I have to explain the structure : form "work order" has a few tabs, each tab may have a few subtabs, each tab may have a data grid ( like a table), each data grid has many rows, each row has many columns.

i have to read data from this xml file, for example, get  "Employee ID"  from this path :
tab name = "Cost" > subtab name = "Labour" > control type = "grid" > Row order = 1 > COL name = 'Employee ID"

how can i get ALL 'employee id' IN A DATA GRID by using C# ?  USING XPathNavigator,XmlTextReader or something else? could you please give me some example code? i really have no idea for how to do it.

many thanks

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ThaloxConnect With a Mentor Commented:

the above solution will bind the whole xml in a grid

if you only need the employeeid you can use the following

XmlDocument doc = new XmlDocument();
// this will select all COL-nodes with name = Employee ID from the specified ROW - node
XmlNodeList nodes = doc.DocumentElement.SelectNodes("/FORM/TAB[name='Cost']/TAB[name='Labour']/CONTROL[type='grid']/ROW[order='1']/COL[name='Employee ID']");      

// if it doesnt matter where (in which level / parent node) the nodes exist you could also write
XmlNodeList nodes = doc.DocumentElement.SelectNodes("//COL[name='Employee ID']");

// go through nodes and get value
string[] src = new string[nodes.Count];

for (int i = 0; i < src.Length; i++) {
   src[i] = nodes[i].Value;

// bind to grid
dg.DataSource = src;

can you try this
      Dim myDataSet as New DataSet()
        myDataSet.ReadXml(Server.MapPath("your xmlfile.xml"))
        dgBooks.DataSource = myDataSet

Hope that this helps you.

try using a  XMLReader ,if you actually want to go through each tab and check its significance...A sample code that i am using..

private void readCoumns(string TableName)
                  bool foundTable=false;
                  String str;
                  rdr=new XmlTextReader(@"c:\multij\Employ4.xml");
                  while (rdr.Read() && !foundTable)
                        switch (rdr.NodeType)
                              case XmlNodeType.Element:
                                                int i=0;
                                                            ctxMenuDetail.MenuItems[i++].Click+=new System.EventHandler(this.DetailMenuItemHandler);

viola123Author Commented:
hi, Thalox,
 i figured out this problem. code is the following:

---select only one 'employee ID'
string nd = "" ;
XmlDocument xmldoc = new XmlDocument();

// because type, name, order ... they all attributes of that node, so must use '@' to specify those attributes
XmlNode node = xmldoc.DocumentElement.SelectSingleNode("CONTROL[@type='tabpane']/TAB[@name='Costs']/CONTROL[@type='tabpane']/TAB[@name='Labour']/CONTROL[@type='grid']/ROW[@order='1']/COL[@name='Employee ID']");

//if you want to get value, please use 'InnerText' NOT 'Value'
nd = node.InnerText;

---select all 'employee ID'
XmlDocument xmldoc = new XmlDocument();

XmlNodeList nodes = xmldoc.DocumentElement.SelectNodes("//COL[@name='Employee ID']");
string[] src = new string[nodes.Count];

for (int i = 0; i < src.Length; i++)
     src[i] = nodes[i].InnerText;

anyway, you gave me the whole idea. thank you very much.

BTW, tovvenki and vaishali chaudhry, thanks for your help.
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