Peter Gutmann Algorithm

     I want to use peter gutmann algorithm "Secure Deletion of Data from Magnetic and Solid-State Memory". I could not find its theory and source with example.
I have implement Blowfish Algo. I faced no problem for it. But unable to find and implement Gutmann.
So please tell me either web site where i can find it or other way to implement it.
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Here's the paper:

This includes the list of patterns to use (22 of them) to overwrite data.

ManojKrChauhanAuthor Commented:
I  want more information. I want examples and if possible it's source code.
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ManojKrChauhanAuthor Commented:
I have Peter Gutmann Document "Secure Deletion of Data..............."
It's not enough to implement Peter Gutmann Algorithm. Can anyone tell me about more source for it.
Waiting for reply
I don't know where ther are sources, sorry.

Conceptually, it doesn't seem that difficult:

1) Open a file
2) Go to beginning of file
3) Write the pattern over and over until the end of the file is reached
4) Repeat steps 2 and 3 for all the patterns
5) Close the file

For memory, it's even easier because there is no file management, you just iterate over the memory buffer, writing all the patterns in succession.
May be it is late. But u can find something here at free
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