Multiple tables with Stored Procedures

Posted on 2004-04-29
Last Modified: 2013-12-24

I'm calling a stored procedure. It returns two tables. Using <cfquery> how do I assign the two tables to two variables/structures/queries?



<cfquery datasource="#dsource#" name="findAccomsByAliasList">
      DECLARE @RC int
      DECLARE @licence varchar(128)
      DECLARE @aliasSetType varchar(8000)
      DECLARE @imgSize varchar(128)
      DECLARE @imgPrefix varchar(128)
      DECLARE @imgFileType varchar(128)
      DECLARE @imgOperatorLogo varchar(128)
      SELECT @licence = '#licence#'
      SELECT @aliasSetType = '#aliasSetType#'
      EXEC @RC = [TrailStream].[dbo].[findAccomsByAliasList] @licence, @aliasSetType, DEFAULT, DEFAULT, DEFAULT, DEFAULT
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Expert Comment

ID: 10954313
Use the tag cfstoredproc and cfprocresult for each result.

<cfstoredproc ............>
    <cfprocparam .............>
    <cfprocresult name="qOne" resultset="1">
    <cfprocresult name="qTwo" resultset="2">

Author Comment

ID: 10957446
But I get the following error:

Invalid CFML construct found on line 30 at column 55.
ColdFusion was looking at the following text:


# An expression that began on line 28, column 64.
Your expression might be missing an ending "#" (it might look like #expr ).
# the tag attribute "value", on line 28, column 43.
# a cfprocparam tag beginning on line 26, column 26.
# a cfprocparam tag beginning on line 26, column 26
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Expert Comment

ID: 10957728
Can I see your code? I hope you did not exactly copied what I typed, what I typed was just to give you an idea ;-)
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Author Comment

ID: 10957851
Sure... Thank you:

<cfstoredproc datasource="#dsource#" procedure="findAliasList" >
      <cfprocparam type = "IN"
             CFSQLType = CF_SQL_VARCHAR
                    value = "#licence#"  dbVarName = @licence >
      <cfprocparam type = "IN"
             CFSQLType = CF_SQL_VARCHAR
                    value = "aliasSetType#"  dbVarName = @aliasSetType >

      <cfprocresult name = "qONE" resultset="1">
      <cfprocresult name = "qTWO" resultSet = "2">
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Accepted Solution

Tacobell777 earned 50 total points
ID: 10958061
 dbVarName does not work, you need to pass the parameters in the order the are in the SP.

the problem is here
<cfprocparam type = "IN"
           CFSQLType = CF_SQL_VARCHAR
                 value = "aliasSetType#"  dbVarName = @aliasSetType >

it needs to be

<cfprocparam type = "IN"
           CFSQLType = CF_SQL_VARCHAR
                 value = "#aliasSetType#"  dbVarName = @aliasSetType >

you were missing a # infront of aliassettype

Author Comment

ID: 10958097
That's great. Thanks... That's going to prove really useful.

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