Emails signature doesn't display image in Outlook Express

There is a similar question here:

My template works ok for Outlook 2000, but I can't get the image to show for an email html template in Outlook Express 6.
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Mob-bomConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Its a similar issue to the PAQ you linked to, ncw

Image Is Not Displayed in Your HTML Signature File

After you create a HyperText Markup Language (HTML) signature file that contains an image file, the image may not be displayed, and an empty box with small red Xs may be displayed instead.
This issue can occur if Outlook Express cannot locate the source of the image to embed into the e-mail message.
To resolve this issue, use a text editor (such as Notepad) to edit the custom signature HTML file to add the full path information for the location of the graphic file before you send the e-mail. This is an example of code without path information:

<p align="left"><img src="test.gif" width="100" height="80">

This example HTML code refers to the Test.gif file. The image source information (img src), only lists the file name, but does not list the path to the files. In this example, you would alter the HTML code:

<p align="left"><img src="c:\test.gif" width="100" height="80">

With this alteration, Outlook Express should embed the graphic file into the e-mail message.;en-us;230648
I donot think you can have image in your signature in outlook express
It is only html or text file

Are you using html ?
if you want  to put a picture , then create a test html file
insert that image in that html file so that when you open the html file the image is there

Then go to outlook express
go to tools --> options --> signature

click on "new"
now select "file" and browse and pick the test html file
click ok

now when you composing a new email , you should see the image there
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ncwAuthor Commented:
The problem was that Outlook Express requires a full path to the image rather than a relative one. Thanks.
From my post: >>>edit the custom signature HTML file to add the full path information for the location of the graphic file
I'm glad its working for you! :)
just wondering guys , if the method i was telling above will not work or what ?

Just curious
ncwAuthor Commented:
Hi sunray,

I had done what you describe before asking the question using a relative path for the image in the html file. Whilst it worked ok for Outlook 2000 I found that the image did not display in Outlook Express 6 until I put the full path for the image src.


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