Gateway Routing to Two Local Machines Listening on the Same Port

I have two machines running applications on my local network that listen on the same port, say 8888 (fixed).    I can connect from outside my network via a static IP address and port forwarding to one local machine.  

I can change the port on the client applications.  Can I configure the router so that if a client connects externally on port 7777, it will actually route to the second local machine on port 8888?

Using Linkysy BEFSR41, if that helps.
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Tele_techConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Sorry the reference I used was for a slightly different unit

from the link  select the user guide

page 64 in the PDF Port range forwarding is the area you want.  you can forward a group of ports or just one at a time...
read through there and it should give you the specifics of setting it up on your router.

the two PC's will need static address's so that the address internal does not change.

If you need more specific info let me know... I wil have to locate another PDF on it as I can not make out some of the paticulars on some of the menus
Hopefully you have a real users guide and can see the options. or at least you can when you are logged in.
pseudocyberConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I don't believe so - it does port forwarding, not Port Address Translation (PAT).
Yes when you log in click on the advanced tab.. .
 In the advanced section, click on the Forwarding tab.
 put in the port to accept from the outside world and what address / port to send it to.
That should do it for you
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enlighten_meAuthor Commented:
In Setup->Advanced Routing, there's configuration settings for Dynamic Routing, Static Routing, and NAT, but no Forwarding Tab

There's no main Advanced tab, just  Setup, Security, Applications&Gaming, Administration, and Status.

In the Applications&Gaming Tab, my options are Port Range Forwarding, Port Triggering, UPnP Forwarding, and DMZ.

Page with link to the manual:
enlighten_meAuthor Commented:
Yes, that forwards a port to a certain computer, which is what I'm doing already.  I have two machines on the local network listening on the same port (8888).  One can be connected to using port forwarding.  The other one, however, needs an external port 7777 mapped to its local port 8888.  

I can solve the problem using a local port mapping application, but I was wondering if the router can do anything.
yes, in that port mapping selection you should have the option to set and external 7777 and send it to internal 8888.  In those settings the external and internal do not need to be the same.
enlighten_meAuthor Commented:
Yes, looking carefully at the document I can see where the external->internal mapping is.  Unfortunately, my router doesn't support that feature (the document is for 3 different routers).  I'll split the points since pseudocyber was kind of right the first time through.
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