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My Domain controller was experiencing stop errors.  WIth Microsofts help we were able to bring the system back up.  I have one network adapter but when I go into properties it states that I already have an adapter configured with this IP address.  I cannot terminal service to the computer now and I am having other little problems on the network.
How can I fix this so it doesn't think there are two adapters (of course without taking my entire network down).
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ee_ai_constructConnect With a Mentor Commented:
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Since this is your DC, do you have a valid connetion to your network? is it accessable from the network? What is the name of the connection under Network Properties?
kgregarAuthor Commented:
I fixed this today.  The article was:

That works. That normally occurs when the network card is moved from one slot to another.
Since you have found your answer could you close this post with an Answered my own question. The explaination is already in place.
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