Content Filtering for Domino - Best tested.

Currently my company is running Lotus Domino R6. We are using Symantec version on the AntiVirus/Filtering software that comes with Symantec AntiVirus Corporate Edition 8.6.

My question: Which is currently the most popular Content Filtering Application on a Lotus Domino Mail Server and
how is it implemented.

All inputs are welcome...;-)
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qwaleteeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The most popular for "strong" environments is to use a non-Domino engine in front of Domino, for your internet  mail.  Ironmail, or the Trend IMSS suite wold be good choices.  Symantec also has an appliance solution.

MIMESweeper is a popular choice with Domino.

Some companies use an external SERVICE.  Postini is popular.
HemanthaKumarConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Trendmicro is another one...

But Symantec is most preferred


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shahrialAuthor Commented:
Thank you for your responses...

We had tried Trend too (in R5)...but somehow it did not work well...after sometime the virus engine got 'hung'. All incoming and outgoing mails affected...Symantec is still one of the better ones...

That info is quite outdated...though. ;) Since then new licensing was introduced.
For Symantec Corporate Edition, current charges is per node whether pc/ server does not matter. It is currently running fine in my environment...with fully automated updates and deployment to all servers and clients (on multi-subnets). No administration required. Thanks.

shahrialAuthor Commented:
Actually I'm asking for Content with AV is Trend and Symantec...;-)
What content do you want to filter... anything specific ??
shahrialAuthor Commented:
Content Filtering includes mail file extension restrictions, max. file size...etc.
and message filters, mostly undesirables - for corporate...(eg. porno, sex link, hate mail and other categories to a certain extent.)

Agreed with your suggestion of using a non-Domino engine in front. Had implemented a FortiGate appliance at the Gateway-level to do a 1st level filter. Have not heard of Ironmail...will check it out. Trend IMSS suite is ok but kind of expensive (licensing). Symantec Gateway appliance, we had evaluated and failed during our eval we choose not to implement.
btw, it very expensive.
Had evaluated MIMESweeper too. Excellent product...but a bit expensive...license is node-based.
Can you provide more details on Postini?

Thanks in advance...;-)

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Sorry, I dont have more details.  I've worked with a few people who specialize in content filtering, and the info I gave you came out of my discussions.  I myself haven't hands-on implemented this.

A good general reference, though getting a bit dated, would be,1759,849558,00.asp
Happens to come to the same conclusion I posted... hmmm, I wonder if my buddy consulted on the PC Mag team?
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