Text from webpage into a text file

How to get certain columns of text from a webpage into a text file?
Let says my webpage have a table of numeric data, I want to capture those numbers into a text file. How can i do that?
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KunfufaresiConnect With a Mentor Commented:

Take a look at


for parsing html pages. It has lots of functions

from site it says

MSHTML is in IEParser used as the "engine" in a HTML-parser component.
Drop the component on a form. Set URL-property and run function execute.
Kunfu Faresi
Well, one way would be to strip out all HTML tags by deleting everything between "<" and ">". But that would destroy the formatting. How much of the structure (formatting) do you want to keep?
cybermilkyAuthor Commented:
After getting all the data from the table, the format for the text file can be kept as below:

A0001     040430     931.0   939.0   927.0   936.0   988   3396
D0002     040430     944.5   949.8   937.0   945.0     48    362
C0003     040430     982.3   982.3   970.0   970.0       4     33

cybermilkyAuthor Commented:
Other than using IEParser, any other options to do this?
cybermilkyAuthor Commented:
Hi Kunfufaresi,

after i download the ieparser component, how do i install and use it?
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