Script Time Out Errors with MySql Database Hosting in Window Server Environment

I am using a shopping cart script that is in asp. I use MySQL database as the back-end. The cart and database is hosted in a Windows 2K server environment with a webhosting company.

The problem I am having is that when I do a search, the script would timed out with the ASP Error '0113' code. The only way to resolve this at the moment is to add a line of code Server.ScriptTimeout=240 in the asp page. However, by adding this line of code, although the search works, but it takes more than 5 minutes just to generate a simple one item search.

So far this is the only suggestion and solution provided by the webhosting company and from the developer of the shopping cart. As you can see this is not acceptable by anymeans for an ecommerce site!

Can anybody tell me what's causing the first problem of timing out? Is it because the webhost provider has not configure it's server correctly or is it because of the MySql database not responding very good when it's hosted in a Window server?

What is another solution in order to get this fix?

Thank you.
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rajuareConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Pls refer the following links for solution,

Microsoft Knowledge Base Article - 182036

Other solutions
These Microsoft articles tell you how to resolve this in NT and windows 2000.;EN-US;q287499;EN-US;q253669
alorentzConnect With a Mentor Commented:
What is you query?
printasAuthor Commented:
Hi, I am not a tech person. I just to get my business online up as soon as possible. I do not understand all the stuff on Microsoft website.  If you can take a look at my site, and tested yourself to see what I am having problem with, maybe you can tell me whether it's the script that making things bad or it's the MySql database.

I am currious, because the developer of the shopping cart says it has to be the database server that or my webhosting provider not setting the database server properly maybe.  But then again, I would thought that MySql 4.0.2 can handle searches easily. I only have 1776 products in the database. But why it can handle such load in searching.
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printasAuthor Commented:
oops...forgot to add the link to my site:
alorentzConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Correct, your site is pretty slow...may be programming, may be host.  We can't tell without the code.

Another thing, you site is not properly design for resolution greater then 800x600.  I use 1280x1024, and the site was very distort and objects overlapped.  Probably want to have your designer/programming starightent that out!  They should know better!!!
alorentzConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Oh yeah, and the Add to Cart (Order Product) buttons should be next to each item, like most other sites, not checkboxes and 1 button at the bottom.  I was a bit confused when first saw it...but I'm just an idiot :)  But, so is everyone else...
TheKenmanConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Alorentz is correct in that the site does not work well with large resolutions. Should be fairly simple to fix, if the site was designed correctly to start with.

As far as the search goes, you need to give us the code to shopsearch.asp.


You should have a line (hopefully near the top where it usually is) that looks like this:

     Conn = "Driver={SQL Server};;Database=multires;Uid=myname;Pwd=mypass"

You should modify that line to put dummy values where it says "", "myname" and "mypass".....unless you want a bad security breach.

printasAuthor Commented:
Thanks everyone for the comment. Will try to fix the design to accommodate larger screen resolutions.

About my original problem, I fixed it already.
All I needed to do was go to phpMyadmin utility and Index all the fields that shop uses for searching in the products table of the database; and removed fields that are not used for searching. That fixed it instanly!
alorentzConnect With a Mentor Commented:
We could only assume that the fields were properly indexed, and based our answers around that.

Good luck...
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