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Im planning to make an internet shop

I m in the planning stage at building an small internet shop, and just need some advices which tekcnologies I could be using..

I hope to use PHP, and some type of database support (free)  , for storing my items. Any suggestions ?

Is Java and PHP ok tecks to use in building a internet shop?, I just need some coarce grained road map how to build one, thanks.

(will make something easy and typical ......
Im planning to support one language, customer can get members/profiling, a support for paying and automatic information by email .)
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Hai rolfeilert,



there you can find a lot of applications like online bookstore, online portal, employee directory, etc...

Have a look in the online demo of the applications...Its an open source ...You can download the souce code of PHP/JSP/ASP/.....(that comes with MySQL, MS-SQL, MS-ACCESS, etc... database)..and use it for your application.

It is a nice application and it is more easy in understanding also. If you face any problems in those applications, dont hesitate to contact me...

Glad if it helps you...

All the Best.
I'm very fond of the scripts at http://www.hotscripts.com/index.html, too.  There's lots of open source stuff that can be customized.
   There are many things you need to consider before you write a single line of code.

First, how will your product be shipped to your customers?
   Will it be drop shipped or shipped by you from your inventory? (Both solutions have needs, which must be addressed)

   Will you process your credit card transactions or will you hire a 3rd party credit card processing agency (you can have a merchant ID and send the encrypted data to a credit card authorizing service, OR you can get a pre-auth and then run the cards yourself... still, this needs to be known and how it will affect your e-commerce application

   Will you be storing customer data in your database? Is that information secure/encrypted and safe from hack attempts?

   How many products will you have? How much RDBS (Relational DataBase System) horsepower will you need? MySql will handle most any small e-commerce site, but I don’t know what you have in mind.

Actually I can go on and on with what if's... A lot of these pre-packaged e-commerce solutions will cost you to buy them, then cost you to get them set up (hardware or software upgrade), then cost you to utilize the 3rd party providers needed to process credit cards...
In reality, a decent DSL Connection (equipped with an above average router/firewall) build yourself a couple of bare bones servers (your choice of OS) and set up your 1st shop yourself.
If you can code Java and PHP I'm confident your savvy enough to secure your servers well enough to keep out 99% of the troublemakers out there and you can put together your e-commerce site yourself. Keep your eye on expansion and scalability and you'll be fine.
You can find all the code you need to perform basic transactions here and various other places across the net. And you'll be the mind behind the code, if something breaks you don’t have to fish though someone else’s creation.
The cookie cutter solution mentioned above usually looks like a cookie cutter solution too. How are you with web graphics and layout?
You asked which tecnologies you should use. Well, I'll give my answer but I dont want to start a debate because this is MY opinion, everyone else has theirs.
To get you started quickly I would utilize a VBScript/ASP solution running on a hardened IIS5 Web server.

I give you this advice because there is heaps of help out there for VBScript and ASP, lots of sample code and fair performance as your site grows...

Thats my 2cents... enjoy and good luck.
rolfeilertAuthor Commented:

thanks for the partisipation, I have much to read on :)

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