Restored Exchange Server 2000


We have had some trouble with our data stores, which I have now managed to restore albeit with some corruption still in the databases.

The stores are mounted now but the system is no sending and receiving emails.

Emails remain in the Outbox of Outlook and we are getting no emails into the system from outside.

We use a POP connector to drop down emails which seems to be fine.

All the appropriate services appear to be started.

Does anyone have an idea of what might be the problem?
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I think your best shot is trying one of the 2 tools, ESEUTIL or ISINTEG. ISISNTEG schecks integrity of your IS and eseutil can fix your problem with IS.

Here are some links about how to use em



Here's also a German thread about the same problem you are having where it says to use eseutil..

Be make sure to know what you're doing with these two tools. Microsoft only recommends to use them when nothing else works...

Try reconnecting some users to the Exchange Server. Maybe something's wrong in their profiles.
install the latest service pack even u apply it before restore.

check the event viewer for errors, and status of services.

reconfigure outlook profile to check exchange resolve the names.

see the following;en-us;328763;en-us;313184
hopecitychurchAuthor Commented:
The information store will not start now and I get the foillowing error:

Rel. 4417.6:
JET Exception "JetInitEx ( pinstance, NULL, 0, grbit)" raised exception 0XC0000005 (EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION) at address 0X78010080
PID:3248  TID:3432

Any ideas?
please write the event ID and Source not only description.

follow this article to troubleshoot your databases;en-us;313184
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