NT4 to W2K Migration

Hi All,

I am planning a domain migration from NT4 to 2000 but due to political reasons we can't establish a trust relationship from the new AD to the old NT4 domain. I am now thinking that we will have to export a list of users from the SAM to a csv file then import that file into AD. Has anyone done this? If so what is the best way to do it.

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JammyPakConnect With a Mentor Commented:
can you do this:

Create a new BDC in the NT 4 domain.
Wait for accounts to sync
Take the BDC off the network
Promote it to a PDC
Upgrade it to Win2000

you now have a Windows 2000 Domain Controller running AD, with all of the users and groups in there...
Have you considered MOVEUSER?

That might provide what you're looking for...
proitAuthor Commented:
I don't think this will work as we won't have a trust relationship
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Well...I have a lot of political "issues" also, but without trust there is no move to w2k. So simple is that.
It's not just users that needs to be moved. You also have to move groups, shares, permissions, data, printers, apps...
Politics needs to be set a side or project won't go anywhere. Make sure you document everything (what's needed for migration), beneftits, timeline. Most important, do you homework - test migration in lab environment. If something goes wrong during migration heads will roll.

Good luck,

NT to AD migrations are a fundamental change to the way IT is served by the business. It the business politics is getting in the way of something as important as this then they cannot expect the project to succeed.

I do a lot of migrations (nine so far!) for a living and my standard action when faced with this type of idiocy is to get the decision makers in a room and ask one question:

Do you want it or not?

If the answer is yes then you tell them what you need. If no, then we can all stop wasting their time and yours.


Tough stance James, but the correct one..!!!

Sometimes you need to put your foot down or the project just drags out and fails.

In my game, you're only as good as the last thing you delivered and I only take jobs of 5000+ seats.

Be tough now and you wont have to deal with the mess later.


proitAuthor Commented:
Thanks for all your coments. This is a project that has been known about for 6months by management and I have known for two days and I have to implement this migration next week with near to none planning. The bottom line is that I won't touch the job until I am 100% sure it will be a smooth transition. As the site has a BDC I will disconnect it and use ADMT to move the users / groups etc across.

Boy, I feel for you... So many times upper mgmt just does not understand the importance of planning a migration like this.  I wouldn't even attempt to do what you are planning without them understanding the consequences...

I truly wish you the best..

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