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Need help in assignment

This is my assign question (im not asking you to do the assignment) (just need some help)

What you have to do

Problem statement
A software company has employed you to devlop a general sales analysis program that they can market to a number of different companies.

Your task
Write a program in Pascal language that will do the above task. The program will be used to enter and display sales figures in a variety of formats. The program will be menu driven

Design overview
The operations to be performed are listed below. The main program will repeatedly display this menu and then perform the user's choice. Menu for sales analysis program.

1. Enter sales data
2. Update sales data
3. Display sales data as a two dimensional table
4. Compute annual sales total
5. Tabulate monthly sales total
6. Display annual sales total
7. Display monthly sales total
8. Display largest annual sales amount and year sold
9. Display largest monthly sales amount and month sold
10. Graph annual sales data by year
11. Graph monthly sales data by month
12. Exit program

Data Requirements

Problem inputs
The selected option (choice: integer)
The table of sales data (Sales)

Problem Outputs

The updated sales table displayed as a matrix (sales)
The annual sales totals displayed in a table and as a bar graph (Sum by Year)
The monthly sales totals displayed in a table and as a bar graph (Sum by Month)
There are three major data structures: a table of sales data organized by year and month, a collection of annual sales totals, and a collection of monthly sales totals. Menu choices 1 through to 5 are performed on a complete table of sales data; menu choices 6, 8, and 10 are performed on the annual sales totals; and menu choices 7, 9 and 11 are performed on the monthly sales totals

i have to create mt program on turbo pascal

My question Is where do i start from

i can insert any data that i like i already have the data like the the months figures.

but how will i compile it

like in my program would i have to create an array

or record.

How do i do that, and about the menu
how would i create them

its just to hard for me.

i even have to do this in pseudocode and i dont know how to start off

and does any one know how to draw in pascal

need some guidence
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2 Solutions
Why don't you want to understand that we can't do your assignments?

What do you have right now (except questions how to do it)? Post your ideas, pseudocode, code or anything we can start with ...

rage_886Author Commented:
ok fine.

but i dont have any pseudocode or which i could start with

i need help to build it .

just ideas to get started

not to give me the assignment.
First hint:

What are the data sets you have to store?
Are there any sets that have the same structure?
What would be a good way to store these sets?
Cloud Class® Course: Python 3 Fundamentals

This course will teach participants about installing and configuring Python, syntax, importing, statements, types, strings, booleans, files, lists, tuples, comprehensions, functions, and classes.

What class are you taking?
Is this your first programming course?

How many weeks or lessons have there been?

How many programs have you written?

Why are you taking this course?

Another idea

Ask your instructor to write the pseudocode for another menu.

rage_886Author Commented:
well im not taking any programming coarse
just some class project.
which is very hard even though we have start the coarse

it is a highschool project

im not really good at it

and Yes i have never created any program before

i will ask my instructor, but i need some sort of a start.
i brain is seriously empty

and the sets of data


A software company has employed you to devlop a general sales analysis program that they can market to a number of different companies.

they are made up.
my teacher told me from the yr  1995- 2010
so i have to make up all those months
but dont know how to even put it in pseudocode
because its a biggy for me

rage_886Author Commented:
ill try get some pseudocode for starters

one of the questions im stuck on
what is
intrinsic and internal documentation
I am not sure exactly since I haven't run across those terms used in reference to documentation.

As a start
Internal - documentation included with the code
External - Documentatiion separate from the code. User's manual
Intrinsic - Using variable names that are meaningful. strName rather than NM or Name

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