TIdTcpServer and TIdThreadMgrPool

Hello All,

Can somebody tell me should I use always TIdThreadMgr with TIdTcpServer?

I need simple example for correct using of it becuase sometimes when I try to disconnect server but it has some active connections it takes me error: Terminate Thread Timeout... But I does not have this error without TIdThreadMgr...

TIdTcpServer should work with unlimited connection at same time... I.e. I need to do it in the threads.

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Ivanov_GConnect With a Mentor Commented:

   You have to disconnect all clients before disconnecting the server ...

   download Indy demos. there is example about this.
   You can find the example here :


   The size is 1,553KB.
doswareAuthor Commented:
I saw it many times, I need real example.

There is only very simple examples.
doswareAuthor Commented:
Dear Sir,

Please tell me, do I need to do it also for TIdThreadMgrDefault?

Thanks for your reply.
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