Hi Experts,

How do I replicate my application located on IP1server ( /opt/myapp) to IP2server (/opt/myapp) ?

Thank you.
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jlevieConnect With a Mentor Commented:
In the general case transferring an application from one system to another via Samba is unlikely to work. File/dir ownership and permissions won't be preserved with a direct copy. It is possible to use Samba shares or FTP as a transport media by tar'ing up an application directory on one system, copying the tar image to the other, and upacking it there, something like:

1) On system A

# cd /opt
# tar cvzf myapp.tar.gz myapp

2) Use FTP or Samba to copy /opt/myap.tar.gz to system B and there execute:

# cd /opt
# tar xvpf /path-to/myapp.tar.gz

Note that this may not be completely successful if the application requires specific things (config files, data dirs, special user accounts) to exist outside of /opt/myapp. Any of that must also be copied and/or set up on the target system.
There are several differnt ways - ftp,samba,nfs,uucp. What distro are the boxes running?
fpoyavoAuthor Commented:
I have redhat 8. Both machines have samba (there is no nfs, ftp is installed).
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Set up your application directory as a share in smb.conf Restart samba - service smb restart. In the other box create a mountpoint for it under /mnt, ie
mkdir /mnt/box1
Mount it with mount -t smbfs //machinename/sharename /mnt/box1
Go to /mnt/box1 and copy the files wherever you want.
fpoyavoAuthor Commented:
What if I would replicate starting from root ? How it can be done ?
Set up root as a share. In the file /etc/samba/smb.conf of the server you want to copy files from add the following.

comment = root partition
path = /
browseable = yes
public = yes

Restart samba ie service samba (or smb) restart
From the other box issue the command mount -t smbfs //otherbox/root /mnt/yourmountpoint.
fpoyavoAuthor Commented:
What happens if some directories already exist ?
fpoyavoAuthor Commented:
Another thing I have noticed that some executables don't have X attribute after copied via samba. Why ? How to avoid it ?
use rsync :)

Do you have ssh installed then use scp its safer and easy just do like this:
scp (filename) user@(ip):(path)
and you are done if this must be made automatic just add the host_keys to the host then you dont have to put in a pass and can be run from for example cron.

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