CD-RW ( audio-cd & vidoe burn problem )

Hi .. i recently bought a BenQ CD-RW and it would be really helpful if u cud help me out on these problems.The burning software i use is Nero Express.
1) i am tryg to create an audio-cd from my mp3 collection. but when i try to play it in my car, i cant get any output, around 30 secs after i insert the cd into the system , it is ejected out . what am i doing wrong ? i can play the cd on my pc. do i hav to use some mp3 to --- (?) convertor ? i have played other recorded cds in the same system -( recorded by some1 else, not me)
2) i have sony digital camcorder. is it possible for me to write from it (8mm tape - software given with it is pixela-image mixer) to the cd  ?? ie, without storing it on the hardisk ?
thanx in advance
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VeggersConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Finalising means that the CD cannot have any more information burnt on it after that run. Some players are unable to read a CD unless it has been finalised. I believe Nero Express automatically effectively finalises the cd when you choose to burn an audio CD, i.e. it makes an audio CD that will be compactable on any player that can play CDR's. I don't think this is your problem. Nero also converts the mp3's to the appropriate format so this isn't the problem either. (I am presuming you use Nero express and have chosen create audio CD by the way!)

If your car stereo is a few years old, or fairly cheap, there is a high chance that it won't play audio CD's burnt on your PC. One thing that might be worth a try is burning your CD at the slowest possible setting, your stereo could be choosy on what it plays, and not except CDs that have been burnt at 52x.

As for your last question, i think people have answered already, it is possible to backup to CD but it will take alot of CDs unless you don't mind compressing the video thus loosing some of the quality. If you want to experiment with this sort of thing (i.e. compressing video to fit it on CD). There are vast amounts of information on and If you don't want to loose quality, invest in a DVD recorder.
LucFConnect With a Mentor EMEA Server EngineerCommented:
Hi Anitha_23,

1) This can mean three things...
   a) You didn't finalize the disk after writing
   b) You burned it as a data cd-rom instead of a audio-cd
   c) Your car radio isn't able to read your CD-rom/CD-RW (test it in another audio system)

2) I think you should not attempt to do this, as you'll have to convert the video from your camera to a format that is writable on cd-rom. Digital video is just too big to write on a cd-rom at once.


2) You can write to CD using VCD or SVCD format, which means you will be trading off resolution.  For best results, you need to write to a DVD in MPEG2 format (like the commercial movies).
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Phill_upsonConnect With a Mentor Commented:
1) When recording an audio cd, use the project selector and choose Audio CD, then add your mp3s to the disc.  If you can fit more than 20 songs on the disk, its a safe bet you have done it wrong.  As mentioned earlier, ensure the disc is finalized.

2) You will need to go via your hard disk.  SVCD will give you excellent quality but you'll only tend to fit about 45 mins of video onto each cd.  VCD looses some quality but you can squeeze about 70 mins onto each disk.  Most DVD players for your TV will support VCD and SVCD.  For conversion tools and guides, check out

Hope this helps
trial and error ,

nero has manuals on their website how to burn mp3s to audio cds.
Anitha_23Author Commented:
thanx guys ..

but what is this finalizing?? once nero completes the burning ( i chose the option audio-cd only .. and number of songs that cud fit in was less than 20), it does some checking and gives a popup saying writing completed successfully. wer does the finalizing part fit in?

as for the video-s , svcd is not there in this , and dvd option is out ! so i guess i hav to furst save it into the HD and then write to the cd , right ?

ps: took some time to locate the answer . hence the delay :D
LucFEMEA Server EngineerCommented:
Within Nero, as you select the "Burn" option, you should see something called "Finalize disk" you have to have this one selected.
What is finalizing - finalizing is the process of completing a disc so it can be indexed and read by normal CD drives.  Non finalized discs can be added to and read using a cd burner, but can't be used in normal cd roms or stereos.
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