XP Drivers for Sony VIAO PCG-XG18

I am upgrading a Sony VIAO PCG-XG18 but cannot find any drivers for XP.
Can you help me out?
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Hello rickpary =)

Download this utility and install it,


it will give u a list of all the hardware attached to ur system, note down the correct
version and make of ur required device, and then search for the appropiate drivers either on
the manufacturere site, or u can also find them on www.driverguide.com ( username: driver,
password: all )
And u can also search on www.google.com

Pete LongTechnical ConsultantCommented:
heres all the drivers including the XP ones

of course you can allways do a fresh install then use Everest (the application formally know as aida32) to interrogate the system and tell you where to get the drivers :)

Thats what I do cause Im lazy like that

Everest Home Edition

If it didnt tell you where the drivers were at least it would give you a list of the hardware and you can get them from

www.driverguide.com  username: drivers password: all

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Username: drivers
password: all

Points should go to PeteLong if you use the link above because he has given this info to.

Hope I could help
This probably wont help, but I tried to rebuild my Sony VIAO PCG-FX501 laptop a while back and couldn't find most of the drivers for ages. Then, when I used SOny's repair CD, I noticed a folder on the root of the C: drive called 'Drivers' and they were all in there. Doh!!
rickparyAuthor Commented:
Nothing seems to be working for XP Drivers. This was a Windows 98 Laptop
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