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Multiple IPs on one NIC with the PC having Domain Controller running with Exchange (IIS) and Apache Web.

What I would like to happen is this:

Have Domain Controller running exchange (IIS) bind to the first IP only and Apache bind to second IP only.  

What I have done so far:

Setup IIS to bind to only the first IP.
Setup apache to bind to second IP. Apache doesnt like this very much and wants all IPs so I set the apache to depnd on IIS to start so that IIS has a shot at getting the first IP before Apache tries to grab them all.
Setup different A records for both IPs in DNS.  

Problem I am having is:
DNS has the entries I made  -- DC1 --First IP, Apache1 --Second IP.  But the system keeps automatically putting in DC1 with both IPs and even though I delete the DC1 record with second IP it puts it back.  

Please help me get these two to get along...???
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Under Network connection properties TCP/IP properties --> Advanced-- >tab DNS un check Register this connection's address in DNS
sbender99Author Commented:
i tried that thinking that is what was happening but it didnt help the entries still came back.......
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This addresses multiple zones and it doesn't really address restricting a singled out IPs on a multi addressed card.
This will stop DDNS on a DC Remember AD cannot function without good DNS data
So DNS will have to be maintained manually
Open regedit and navigate to the interface you want disabled I don't see it as possible for distinct addresses
Key: SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\Tcpip\Parameters\Interfaces\interface-name
Name: DisableDynamicUpdate
1 Disables dynamic update registration
0 Enables dynamic update registration
As a side note running a web server on a DC from a security point of view is known as a bad thing... The combination is very hard to secure properly
Totally concur with rhrowson. Running any program on a Microsoft DC that requires an exposed internet port ie email, internet web host,  communication... is shaky at best. It would be totally contrary to the thought process of anyone thinking along the security lines. As a DC, if the server is compromised the hacker not only has access to the exposed program but potentially the entire SAM or AD. That could be construed as one great big owie.
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