Cannot login to windows - previous user lost password


  I cannot login to my Windows system. The previous user cannot remember the password he used, though the username is still there. I would appreciate any help as I need to retrieve important files from the computer.

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Pete LongConnect With a Mentor Technical ConsultantCommented:
Windows  Password Recovery

Try the following,

First: Are you sure you've forgotton it? Try just hitting return (in case there is no password), Then try all the password you would usually use
remember passwords are CaSe senSiTive so try with the caps lock on and off, or capitalise the first "Letter"

NB. All these tools, and links are to third party tools and involve directly or indirectly changing the registry. I accept no responsibility for their use.

Your passwords are held (encrypted) in the registry, and in your "restore" directory. These tools edit one or more of these locations from a boot disk

Arm yourself with a blank (clean) Floppy Disk

I've used this one on XP and it works

Or try the following

This link will download software that creates a Linux Boot floppy that will let you change Passwords.


Using this link you will have to download the Image writer then the boot disk image


Or try This one from Sunbelt


This ones NOT free but Its what I use


Offline NT Password & Registry Editor, Bootdisk


Windows XP / 2000 / NT Key is a program to reset Windows XP / 2000 / NT security if Administrator password, secure boot password or key disk is lost.  ($195.00)

Heres some further reading

How to Log On to Windows XP If You Forget Your Password or Your Password Expires;en-us;321305

Windows XP Security - The Big Joke
FIX for above;en-us;818200

Good Luck! PL
Fatal_ExceptionSystems EngineerCommented:
Yea.. LophtCrack has saved my ____ more than a few times...

Hey Pete, looking forward to the weekend off..??   Does England also have a banking holiday this weekend..??  
Pete LongTechnical ConsultantCommented:
>>Does England also have a banking holiday this weekend..??  

Yes M8 three days off woohoo

Lophtcrack is OK but it takes a while and you have to extract the SAM if memory serves :(
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Fatal_ExceptionSystems EngineerCommented:
Correct..  I believe it uses the LM hash for this..

Lucky guy you...   We don't have one, but I was online with a chap from Ireland that spoke of the holiday..  :)
Pete LongTechnical ConsultantCommented:
:) May Day bank holiday, but we in the UK get three less bank holidays then the rest of Europe :(

So I might get some work done on the website, 

Hope you have a good one Bill :)

Fatal_ExceptionSystems EngineerCommented:
Nice new site, Pete..   Do they make you wear that tie to work..?  :)
Pete LongTechnical ConsultantCommented:
ROFL - That my old server room - its one of the few photos I dont hate, so I kep that one ;)
Fatal_ExceptionSystems EngineerCommented:
Easiest way if you have another computer with admin rights. Take the hard drive out and puit in the second PC as master. Take ownership of the files, and copy across. Rebuild machine. I am assuming that no - one else has an admin acvocunt on thew machine in question, as they could just reset it.
Fatal_ExceptionSystems EngineerCommented:
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Fatal_ExceptionSystems EngineerCommented:
Thanks for taking care of this..  

Pete LongTechnical ConsultantCommented:
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