Printers and profiles in NT/2000 with Terminal Services


I'm going to go out on a limb here and see if I can get some help and guidance. I just started at a company where they have a mixed environment of NT, 2000, and Citrix Metaframe 1.8. From what I've learned so far, everything is controlled by policies. If a user id is in the Operations group, they will get the Operations desktop and a logon script operations.cmd will run. The only thing in the cmd file is three mappings for network drives. My question comes in about how the printers are assigned to the users. Ive looked everywhere and can't find it. If a user uses Citrix and logs in, they get the printer that is by them and it's their default. When I set up a test user and log on, there are no printers assigned or even available so I know I'm missing a step somewhere.

Matt Barys
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MaryWConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Do you have a working user account that is no longer needed? Or one you can mess around with? I'd try renaming or deleting their profile from the Citrix server, logging on as them, then seeing if the printer is still there. If it isn't, there's your answer. Someone did it manually. If does appear, and you don't have any roaming profiles or policy settings to create it, then I don't have any better ideas. Sorry.
When you log into Citrix, it uses the printer(s) from the workstation that you are logging into Citrix at.  Therefore if you have a test user with no printers set up, you will not see any printers assigned or available.  If you add a printer to the workstation you are at, it will become available in Citrix.

See: client/ica/current/docs/icados_en.pdf

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mbarysAuthor Commented:
The machines we use to connect to Citrix are thin clients so there won't be any printers to begin with. This is where I'm getting stumped.

Metaframe XP has the functionality to auto-create network printers for specific users / specific groups of users. Metaframe 1.8 does not. The users can log on and create printers from the network (connections to network printers only show up for the profile who created them - local printers show up for everyone on a machine), which may be the easiest way to do it provided there aren't too many thin client users.
mbarysAuthor Commented:
Thanks MaryW,

Here's my problem, everyone uses the Neo thin clients so there are no local printers on them. Everyone has group and system policies associated with them and the Settings|Printers option is removed so we are stuck in the water. That's why I'm trying to figure out what they did. The only thing I can think of is that when I user is created, they get access to the printers, the printers are created, then the policy goes in effect to remove Printer access. I think it's kind of silly to disable that feature. I might just add it back to everyone and be done with it. Any other ideas?

Go to Server .
Start -->Run-->MMC
Add Snapins -->Group Policy
Select User Configuration -->Administrative Templates
Control Pannel --> Printers
Check is the options are set correct

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