accessing iis from home

I have iis on my computer at work. I also have enabled the remote computer for iis too, how can I access this from my home computer.

work has xp pro and my home has xp home.

I will be dialing through modem at home and hoping that since my xp at work has a constant internet connection that I would like to use, versions having to have a vpn or phone line hooked to that computer.

so I would dial into my internet provider at home and then do something that would log me into my work pc....

any ideas

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hogan9111Connect With a Mentor Commented:
this question seems to be popular, I seen it asked before. So I hate to answer and receive that points


first, do you have a firewall?
if yes, then you need to do a port forward to ports 3389, 80 and enter your destination ip address.
Now this is using remote web, iis

now after you do that enter your isp address and \tsweb
now hit enter at the remote web page and your in.

If you do not have a firewall, then you will have to see what your isp address is. I am assuming the isp address is already in your firewall or router.

First you need to answer that part.

This would depend.  

If you have a static IP on your work computer and are not behind a firewall:

      Open Internet Services Manager
      Right Click on 'Internet Information Services'
      Select 'Connect'

      In the 'Computer Name' field, type in the IP address of the work machine

      click OK

You should be in.   For the permissions to work you will also have to add a user to the
machine at work that has the same user name and password as the one you use at home
this can be done from the command prompt with:

      net user <USERNAME> <PASSWORD> /add

Simply turn on your remote access control on your work WinXP, then you can access your work computer from your home and do anything your want.
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bman9111Author Commented:
the computer does have a static IP, but how would this work via from home

also let say that I might get a firewall in the future, is there a different approach to it.

where is internet service manger, please be discriptive, I am new to all of this...
bman9111Author Commented:
what do I type in to connect to my work location and where
bman9111Author Commented:
remember I do not have a direct line to my place of employment, I am trying to use the internet for both ways

meaning the xp would have connection through work internet connection and what ever is needed by my home internet connection.

bman9111Author Commented:
anyone there
Work computer, go to control panel, open System Properties, clikc Remote Tab, Check Remote Desktop check box.
Home computer, Start/All Programs/Accessories/Communications/Remote Desktop Connection, Enter the Work computer IP address and click connect.

bman9111Author Commented:
I tried but it is not working. Here is what I am doing again

at work I setup static ip, and changed port address

it has internet access on that computer.

then at home I log into my aol account  and then go to the address box and typed


and I get nothing.

do I need to have a dial in access to my work? or a vpn? I was under the impression that if I had internet access at work and home this would work...

please helpp.
Is you work computer behind the firewall, can you ping it from home?

You don't have to change the port, the tsweb thing need extra setup. Try Start/All Programs/Accessories/Communications/Remote Desktop Connection
bman9111Author Commented:
sorry guys I forgot about this question.
the reason is I used your statements Hogan and it worked thanks

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